I heard about #ProjectFiveBooks through a few different book-tubers, but I can't seem to find who initially created it. The goal of this project is to read five books that you own before you purchase any more books. So if I were to read five books that are already on my shelf, then I'll let myself purchase a one new book. Of course I won't force myself to buy a book after I read five, but I mean come on, the sentence forcing myself to buy books isn't really something that makes sense considering I'm obsessed with them.

Other little bits I want to add to this challenge are:
1. I can't purchase more books in a series that I haven't even started yet.
I own entire series that I haven't even read the first book on. That's crazy!

2. I can't buy books even in series that I have started, but haven't caught up on.
So I own the first two books in the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series, but I don't own the third one. I want to keep it that way until I finished the second book, Day's of Blood and Starlight. 

3. For books that I'm not sure I'll enjoy (new-to-me-authors, new series, etc.) I want to try to check them out of the library before I buy it. I mean there's those series that I know I'm going to want the next book and won't need to go to the library for it, but for some books where I'm just not sure what I'll think, I want to be confident that I'll like it before I add it to my shelves.

Exceptions (because obviously I'm not a saint....)
1. If there is a book at the thrift store I find that I've been wanting.
(All the books are under two dollars so at least it's not a huge splurge.)

2. If Book Outlet decides to have more sales that are absolutely fabulous like they had in December.
(Five book limit though. Well, maybe. I'll try, ha!)

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