Welcome to Katie Marie Blogs! (Previously Call Me Crazy)

Hello and welcome to Katie Marie Blogs, make yourself at home!
The blog may look pretty different with the new design and name, but all the old posts and homey goodnesses are still here, just spruced up a bit!

I’ve been blogging for almost five years at Call Me Crazy. I started CMC when I was around sixteen years old and have definitely changed a lot since then. Previously on this blog I would mainly talk about books and it would only have the occasional life post, but I really want to begin blogging more about the other things that I love too.

I’ve been thinking about a name change for two years now. I knew I wanted a new name and a place to grow, but unfortunately I didn’t feel that with my old blog’s title.
Ahh, that name! ‘Call Me Crazy’ is something I randomly picked one day thinking it was clever. The twenty-one year old me and sixteen year old me have very differing opinions of what’s clever!

On Katie Marie Blogs I’ll be talking about my life, but there will also be lots of posts that include DIYs, easy recipes (I’m just learning how to cook, so trust me, they’re easy peasy) music, movies and of course books!

I have all of the month of December and the beginning of January planned out.
I’ll be posting on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
The amount of times I post a week might change later on, (maybe I’ll only do every other Saturday) but I really want to post three days a week in December. I think if I stick to the schedule I made I can definitely accomplish this!

Throughout the month I’ll have some fun seasonal DIY’s, a three ingredient taco dip, a movie night with homemade snacks watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and a book talk about the young adult mermaid trilogy The Syrena Legacy by Anna Banks. There will definitely be plenty of other awesome posts in December too, these are just a few of my favorites.

Some random tidbits about the new blog design:
I’m still getting all settled in so if something seems a bit wonky I’ll try and fix it right away.
I’ve updated my ‘Contact’ and ‘Policies’ pages. There have been some changes in my contact info so you can totally check that out if you’d like.

I’ll be adding an easy way to navigate through the posts’ tags to the sidebar. That way it’ll hopefully be simple to find what topic of post your looking for super quickly.

If you’d like an easy way to share a post, at the bottom of each blogpost is a little paper airplane. You can hover your mouse over it and options will come up with all the different ways you can share a post.

I’m seriously beyond excited to start blogging again. I'm so grateful for every reader and really appreciate you deciding to stick with me through all this time. It means so incredibly much to me. Some of my best memories from the past few years are of the awesome opportunities and people I have met through this incredible blogging community. I just can’t wait to finally begin again!