I Tend to Overcomplicate Things

I've been completely overthinking this entire name change thing, seriously.

I've checked out library books and endlessly googled ways to 'seamlessly' change my blog's name. Unfortunately all these preparations made me totally overlook the simple way of doing things and complicate things for not only me, but my readers as well.
I'm so sorry for all of the past updates that didn't really make sense (probably very much like this one). All of the posts about 'name updates', 'new blogs' and all the other related topic posts ends with this one.

I'm just going to say it simply (since I've been complicating things lately) so we can all finally move on from this name change thing. Yay!

Five things to know about the blog changes that happened today:
1. Call Me Crazy Reviews is now Katie Marie Blogs.
2. This is the exact same blog as before, it just has a different name and web address.
3. The new web address is www.katiemarieblogs.com
4. www.callmecrazyreviews.com is no longer available and will not direct you to Katie Marie Blogs.

To stay updated with Katie Marie Blogs you can...
1. Follow Katie Marie Blogs on bloglovin' by clicking here.
2. Subscribe by email (near the top in the right sidebar under 'Subscribe by email')
3. Subscribe to the RSS feed by clicking here.
(If you were already a subscriber to Call Me Crazy, I have redirected the feed so you should continue to get post updates.)
4. If were a Google Friend Connect reader of Call Me Crazy, you don't have to re-follow. I'll also leave the GFC widget up as an option to follow.

*Note: If you're seeing this post in your reader, inbox or whichever way you follow this blog with, you don't have to worry about switching or re-subscribing to anything.

Thank you all so much for sticking with me throughout this name change. I'm so sorry that I completely overcomplicated it, but now it's finished now. *sigh of relief* Woo!

I have an introduction post scheduled for tonight, so you'll be hearing from me again soon.

I hope you all are having a lovely Monday!

Thank you all so much!

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