A Quick Visit

It was drop off day for the the art show I'll be in this weekend.
It's always so surreal visiting here, it's like a past memory that's come back to life. 

I remember coming here with my mom when I was little and listening to the stories of her time spent creating within these walls. So much has changed, but it still has those little quirks that remind me of the beautiful place that it is. 

Those hands (I believe they are for displaying gloves) are one of my favorite pieces. 
Every time I visit I can't help but fawn all over them!

Another one of my favorite bits about this place: the quiet. 
It leaves so much open space for creativity and inspiration.
My mom and I are planning on taking a class here in the Spring and I truly cannot wait!

If you'd like to see more of this lovely location you can check out last year's post here

Also, a huge thank you to my mom for helping me bring in all of my paintings!