21 Things About Me

I first started blogging when I was only sixteen years old and it’s crazy to think that almost five years have already gone by! I’ve changed quite a bit since 2010 so I thought I’d make a list with twenty-one fairly random things about myself as a sort of re-introduction. 

Here we go!

1. Hello, my name is Katie Marie.
2. I’m twenty-one years old.
3. I’m from a small farming town in the Midwest.
4. I’m a total introvert.
5. I have the absolute sweetest dog named Max.

6. I love reading! Books are such an amazing escape and I adore getting swept up into new stories.

7. One of my hobbies is painting. I love creating mixed media pieces on canvas!

8. I want to learn more about photography. I really enjoy taking photos, but I definitely want to understand what my camera can fully do. I also want to learn about composition and editing too!

9. Whether it’s the good or the not-so-good times, I love being able to document and look back at my life through photos, journaling and my artwork.

10. I love organizing! From color coordinating my books to organizing my weekly tasks, I love knowing that at least some parts of my life are in order.

11. I keep a journal. I'm not always super consistent with writing in it, but I'd say a good chunk of my thoughts get written down on paper.

12. Even though my hand writing is pretty hard to read, I love the feeling of pen on paper.

13. I love quotes! I keep track of my favorite ones in my journal or on my ginormous pink chalkboard wall.

14. I have a horrible memory for the little things, like where I just put something and other random everyday things.

15. I currently have one tattoo and definitely plan on getting more.

16. I love driving! Just the feeling of having the windows down and music up is really therapeutic to me.

17. Feeling paint on my fingers or even building bookshelves with tools are some things I never tire of. I just love creating with my hands.

18. My current television obsessions are The Office, Once Upon A Time, Ghost Adventures, The Mindy Project, Scrubs, Reign, and Supernatural.

19. My mom and I are totally in love with the Marvel superhero movies. Iron Man/Tony Stark is our favorite!

20. I have a pretty diverse taste in music, but lately you probably wouldn't notice because I've been listening to Christmas music non-stop!

21. I’m currently attending college to become a children’s librarian. I really can't wait to share my passion of literature with others and I hope to incorporate art with children's library programs too!


  1. I love quotes too, Supernatural is awesome, and I am always losing my keys lol

    1. I'm so not prepared for Supernatural to go on hiatus for the holiday season!
      Yes! Me too! lol :)
      Thank you!