Name Change Update (Katie Marie Blogs)

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to leave a quick update about the blog name change.

In the last post I said I would have Katie Marie Blogs up and running within a few days, but I should have taken into account the multiple family visits that happened during the past two weeks.

I just want the name change to go smoothly and for everything to work out great! For that to happen it needs my full, undivided attention for longer than just the few spare minutes I can give up now.

My goal is to have it up and running no later than next week.
I'll do post to announce when the name change is officially complete!

Thank you!


Katie Marie Blogs (Name Change Coming Soon!)

Hey Guys,

I know it’s been so long since I’ve posted, but I’ve missed blogging dearly. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts from forever ago (okay, from like July) I’m changing the name of my blog.

In August I finally decided on a name and last month I bought a new design for the occasion!

I can’t believe it’s October and I still haven’t posted about this.
I think I’m just so nervous. I mean this is a big change, but the case is that I started this blog when I was 16, I’m 21 now. I want to expand my horizons and discuss things other than only books here.
Of course, there will be plenty of love for books still on this blog because they are an absolutely huge part of my life.
It’ll just be more, so much more.

Everything is all ready to go, I just have to forward this domain to the new one, but I’m still nervous. I mean I know this blog has never strictly been only books, but books were definitely the main focus. I suppose I’m just worried about losing you all, but I truly hope you decide to stick with me. I feel like I can accomplish so much more when I’m being honest with myself and I just don’t think Call Me Crazy (both the name and content) is doing that for me anymore. I’m not deleting any old posts, it’ll all still be here. It’ll just be more.

I feel like I should have some grand reveal of the new name, but I feel like being that over-the-top in this situation will just make me nervous and put it off for even longer.

So the new name is: Katie Marie Blogs.

I feel like that covers all the bases of topics I want to cover: books, art, writing, daily life, movies, music and so much more.

I also think it’ll be a good carry over for my artsy-business site (I don’t want to say the full name for the other site yet because I haven’t bought the domain yet!)

After months of trying to find the right words to say to announce this, I end up typing it spontaneously right before leaving for a doctor’s appointment. I’m posting it before I leave too, so I don’t chicken out and over think things.

I hope you all will carry on with me to this new blogging experience.
Once I set everything up (in the next day or so) the current url will (hopefully) seamlessly lead you here, it’ll just have a different name. (A.K.A. don’t worry about anything, because the blog will still have the same “place” on the internet, just a new name. I don’t think that’s very clear, but trust me, it’ll be good. It’s just stuff I have to do on my end, the old web address will still direct you here (and to Katie Marie Blogs)

Once everything is set up, I’ll have a post titled “New Blog Title: Katie Marie Blogs” and give you a sort of heads up that Call Me Crazy is now called Katie Marie Blogs.

I’m so excited to move forward.
Thank you all so much for your amazing support throughout the years.

Happy October!