Glasses Review: Firmoo

These are my third pair of glasses that I've received from Firmoo and they are definitely my favorite! I was so worried that they would look too big for my face, but I'm totally loving them! They're not quite as big as my sunglasses, which I'm super happy about, their just the right size. Firmoo lets you upload a photo of yourself and you're able to see kind of how the glasses will look on you in real life. I definitely really appreciate this feature because it give me a pretty good idea on how they'll look with my face shape. 

I decided to go with the same color as last time, tortoise shell, and I also got relatively the same shape, but only bigger. I found that they reach back behind my ears securely without being too tight. I can tip my head forward and they don't fall off, which is great! 

I have chubby cheeks and I always worry about my glasses moving/bumping into my cheeks when I smile. Even though the lenses are bigger, I don't have this problem. Occasionally they'll touch, but it's just a bit and not frequently. 

I love that Firmoo sends you more than just a pair of glasses, they make sure you have all the equipment to take care of and protect your new glasses. You get a hardcover case (mine has the map design on it!), a soft cloth case, a cleaning cloth, a keychain screwdriver and two screws incase any fall out of your glasses. 

With my last pair, one of the screws fell out, but I was relieved to know that I had kept my screws and screwdriver safe so I could easily fix the problem. 

Just like my other pairs of glasses from Firmoo, they are sturdy and the lenses seriously don't scratch. (I had my last pair of glasses from Firmoo since last May and honesty not a scratch.) Although the no scratches might have something to do with the lens material. I'm not sure if it's glass or some sort of plastic, but for the price and durability, I don't mind that it (might) not be the best glass. They get smudged pretty easily and need to be cleaned around once a day. The cloth doesn't really do the cleaning completely, so you'll need a spray. If not, I've found it just makes the smudge even bigger. 

Honestly for me, I'd rather have the little smudge problem than the scratch problem because I'm super clumsy and am constantly dropping my glasses or bumping them with a paintbrush while I'm working. They're not made out of the most high end material, but for someone like me I'm just looking for something that lets me see well, that is sturdy and that fits my face without begin too tight or falling off.

Overall, I really love my glasses from Firmoo and definitely recommend trying out their website. The prices are affordable and the durability of both the lenses and frames are wonderful. 

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A big thank you to Firmoo and Jessica for sending me my awesome glasses!

I received this pair of glasses from Firmoo at no cost in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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