Katie Gardens

Every Summer that I can remember I have wanted to start a garden. 
I even remember one Summer when my parents asked me if I wanted a bigger blow-up-pool or if I wanted a little garden. Of course, being the nature-loving kid that I was, I said garden!

It's an ongoing joke in our house that our genes lack the green thumb characteristic. 
I mean I remember planting flowers with my parents when I was younger and then watering them a couple times, but then I remember them dying by the time July rolled around. 

So trying to forget about our anti-green thumbs, a few years ago my parents and I made a flower bed in our backyard and planted orange lily's and a tomato plant. The tomato plant died, but the lily's have come back every year since! Other than the terrible fate of the tomato plant, I haven't really given a go at trying to grow vegetables. 

This year I decided to start a small vegetable garden!
Key word being small, but I feel like with only four plants I can learn and focus more on each of them; like their growing habits and you know, keeping them alive and all. 

About two weeks ago my mom and I went to our local gardening center to pick up some plants! 
I know I wanted to grow raspberries and strawberries (for smoothies!) and then I thought I'd try two different kinds of peppers and randomly picked up a thing of broccoli too, because why not?

I decided to list the names of the plant and the brand/company that they're from. That way incase I lose the tag later on and like/ didn't like how they grew I'll be able to remember for next year and of course in case you guys want to get in on the gardening bug too!
 I bought them all from my local gardening place, but I'll list the title and name from the tags below! 

I forgot to take a picture of my strawberries (their in a hanging pot and are just leaves at the moment) but they're called Chef Jeff's Strawberry: 'Everbearing Berries Galore."

Here are my peppers! 
There's two different types in the pot: a Sweet Pepper (Costa Rican Sweet Hybrid) and a Cajun Belle Pepper. (Both I think are from 'Burpee'.) Now, I'm not quite sure which one is which. I gave my memory too much credit at remembering which side I planted what on! I think the Cajun Belle is on the right, but that's only like 22% sure on that so I have a feeling it'll just be a surprise later this Summer once they grow more! 

Do you see that little-bitty green blob there?! 
Yeah, I grew that and I'm so proud! ;) 

Now onto the raspberries! 
They're from a brand called Brazel Berries and it's a dwarf thornless bush-thing called Raspberry Shortcake or it's fancy name rubus idaeus. (Which kind of reminded me of Rubeus Hagrid, but I'm assuming that this won't sprout giant and friendly groundskeepers..)

When I was little, my best friend's mom grew raspberries in their backyard. I remember stepping on the hot stones and the squish of mud under my toes just trying to get a handful of the fresh goodness! I'm so excited to be creating more memories with these little plants! 

It also has the most beautiful leaves with reddish-brown stripes! 
Now, I'm not sure if this is good or if it means it's dying or something, but it seems to be doing okay! 

Here's the Broccoli Packman also from Burpee!
If I'm being honest, I think I'm killing the poor thing. I don't think the cute flowered pot from Michael's is going to save it. It keeps getting more brown everyday. I think it needs to be in a bigger pot and that I need to do some research on how not to kill it. 

My mom and I saw this and knew we had to buy it! 
It's different kinds of lettuce planted in a colander that you just cut off, clean and eat. This photo was after I'd taken some off for a mini salad (ah! I actually grew something and ate it!) but I can see it growing back so quickly, like within two days there's a huge difference. 
It's called Chef Jeff's Lettuce Bowl: Snip 'N' Go. 
I really like it and I feel like I have a good chance at not killing it! Woo!

These two beauties are the newest addition to my plant-family as of Sunday! 
It all started with finding that adorable table on sale at Michael's for ten dollars and the bright yellow tin for something like two dollars! 
So we went to Home Depot and picked up seriously the coolest flowers/plants I've ever seen! 

These cuties are called Betty Whites, seriously how awesome is that?! I love how it has the white flowers, but it still has a vine-like feel to it with how the stems are traveling off the pot. 
We had this terra-cotta pot already at home. I'm thinking about spicing it up with some paint, but I do like how it looks with the white flowers, so I'll have to see! 

If you know me, you know I love pink! I saw these and immediately knew we had to get them! 
It's called (another super awesome name) the Polka Dot Plant
I love it's dark green and pink leaves and how it pops off the orange table! 

So far I'm loving spending my evenings watering my plants and am looking forward to harvesting some goodies later on this Summer! I'm thinking about buying another flower-type plant to add by the others, but first I want to make sure the ones I have are doing well.

I'm thinking about doing a monthly update on the blog about how my gardening adventure is going. I'm kind of already documenting it on my instagram if you want to check that out too! 

So, I want to know, do you grow anything? 
Also, if anyone has any tips at how to keep these guys alive, I'd love to hear them!


  1. How sweet are those berries? So precious.

    OOoo your peppers look GOOD.

    I totally want to chew on your broccoli and lettuce. Weird to say but totally true. And a complement I think. LOL

  2. I have wild raspberries in the back of my yard and the birds go crazy for them. I was thinking of trying my hand at blackberries next year. My blueberry shrubs usually don't produce much so I'll have to look into what I'm doing wrong.

    I'm going to try that colander planter this winter for salad greens! (I'm in FL so that's a cool weather veggie here)

    Everything looks gorgeous!

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

    1. Oh! I didn't even think of the birds going for the raspberries, I'll have to keep on eye on them. I've noticed they've been hanging around the plants a lot lately, lol!
      Blackberries sound delicious! I almost tried blueberries, but the lady that was helping me at the gardening center said they were difficult to grow, so you're not alone! Since it's my first year, I'd thought I'd try and tackle that next year (or the year after ha!)
      I love the colander! I hope it works out great for you!

      Thank you!! :)