Dwight-like Memories

I was painting yesterday when a randomly happy memory from high school came back to me.

It was one of my freshman English classroom. We had a fairly young and extremely bubbly teacher who seriously had to drink like eight cups of coffee before coming to our class at 7:30 in the morning because honestly no one could possibly be that awake that early in the morning.

Anyway, she had a huge poster of Dwight Schrute’s face on the back wall. Every morning I’d stumble into class half asleep and be met with Dwight’s hilariously intense look.

I couldn't find the exact poster, but this is kind of close. The one from the classroom had one half with a close up of his face and the other half was the Dwight poem from above.

Back then, I didn’t watch the television show, The Office, so I didn’t fully understand how awesome her design choice was at the time. I’m pretty sure if this was present day I would have laughed my head off the first time I saw it. I mean come on, a giant poster of Dwight’s face with a freaking acrostic poem in the back of a classroom!? That’s amazing!

I probably can laugh at this now because I’m out of the whole ‘high school situation’, but at the time I feel like all I could focus on was all the bad things that high school had to offer me. Yeah, the majority of my memories of school are totally horrible, but this Dwight memory kicks ass.

I really want to challenge myself to think of some more good memories. I know it will be difficult considering I’ve taken up so much space in my head with the bad stuff, but maybe I can replace them with more fun, Dwight-like memories.

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