A Hobby

It feels like more than just a hobby.
Reading, baking and quite possibly organizing too, now those feel like hobbies for me.
But painting and writing just feel like more.

More in the way with how they make me feel.
More present in the current moment.
More close to happiness.
More alive.

It's like my brain is able to clean out when my hands are dirtied with paint and ink.

When my passions are called hobbies it feels like someone saying my life is just one giant hobby. That I'm not really doing anything for real, but just to pass the time.

Not that I'm discrediting hobbies, I know they're important. It's just how do you break that mold of what holds a hobby and move it into an accepted career?

Maybe it only needs to be accepted by yourself.

Not only how do you convince others, but more importantly how do you convince yourself that it's worth it? Worth going off the path of a 'normal job' to pursue what you really love or at least love now.

It's like a need a definite answer to a question I don't think I'm ready to ask.
Not that it matters, since the only way to find the answer to that question is to make it to the end.

Do you have a hobby that feels like more than just a 'hobby' to you?


  1. That's a really good question. I can't think of one, but I can relate. It's more like you have a passion then a hobby.

  2. Writing feels like that for me. It's the dream, you know? It has to be more.