The Lowdown: Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

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Spoiler Free!
For both Cinder and Scarlet.
You can click here for my review of Cinder.

 Title and Author:
Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

Lunar Chronicles: Book 2


Mini Summary:
(from book) 
"Scarlet Benoit and Wolf, a street fighter who may have information about her missing grandmother, join forces with Cinder as they try to stay one step ahead of the vicious Lunar Queen Levana in this story inspired by Little Red Riding Hood."

Genre: Science fiction


Point of View:
Third Person
Close third person switches between Scarlet, Cinder, Prince Kai and I believe just one other character (don't want to spoil who!) throughout the book.

France, New Beijing, and once again not to spoil anything, a few other places as well!

3 Words/ Phrases to Describe the Book:
Addicting. Adventurous. Absolutely perfect!

Main Character(s):
Scarlet and Cinder

Scarlet:  Brave, persistent and incredibly loving.
Cinder:  Sarcastic, intelligent and independent.

Top Supporting Characters:
Thorne  (Cinder's travel buddy)
Iko  (Cinder's best friend and android)
Wolf  (Scarlet's travel buddy)
Prince Kai  (although Kai might be considered a main character during some parts of the book?)

Queen Levana of Lunar
The Commonwealth (well kind of...)

The Lowdown:
Scarlet is just as, if not more, incredible than Cinder (the first book in the Lunar Chronicles) which I didn't think could be possible. I absolutely loved that I was still able to follow closely along with Cinder's adventure while also being introduced to new characters and their stories. Filled with unexpected twists and action packed scenes, I had an impossibly hard time putting this book down. With Scarlet Marissa Meyer once again creates an amazing world with her incredibly writing style. I'm absolutely dying to get my hands on book three, Cress, which introduces a new character based off Rapunzel that's trapped on a satellite! The Lunar Chronicles is definitely one of my all time favorite series that I find myself always going back to reread. I definitely recommend!

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