Overthinking Things

I overthink things, like to the most possible extreme ever.
For example, just now I sat down to paint some flowers. Just three simple circles that make up a tiny little bloom, easy right? Nope, because not soon after the brush hit the canvas, I started to do the ultimate buzzkill of art, I started to think...

"I really like how these are turning out. Loving the blue! Oh! These flowers would look good on that piece I can't figure out how to finish. Nah, this would look better on a more square canvas. Crap, I don't have anymore square canvases. Should I paint over one, they all suck anyway. Wait! You're not suppose to think like that, stop being negative. Focus. Back to the flowers. I wonder if I can find a quote to go with this. Wait, my handwriting sucks and I don't want to use stickers, scratch that go back to what I was doing first. Ugh, does this elephant look sad, who the hell would want to hang a sad elephant on their wall with flowers on it. Maybe I should clean up my mess instead, Max could trip. I need to move downstairs and work on my stuff, but basement equals spiders, cold, not a lot of light and just lots of work. I don't have enough time to move everything and still somehow master art before the art show. Why did I agree to do that?! It's almost here, Thanksgiving is next week! Crap, I'm suppose to be watching my weight, this oreo on it's way to my mouth isn't helping. Wait, what ever happened to those flowers?!  How am I back on the computer? Why did I start thinking again?"

Am I the only one that's been over thinking things a lot lately?
What do you overthink about?

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