My Halloween Night

I didn't carve a pumpkin last year so this year I wanted to make it a priority. I took all of Tuesday morning/ late afternoon carving this baby, it was huge! We bought it on Monday and all of the medium size ones were gone so we decided on the one that took two people to lift. I thought it would take forever to clean it out, but there was barely anything in there! So happy that it didn't take crazy long! I'm definitely going to make sure to stick to this tradition of carving a pumpkin while listening to Micheal Jackson. Ahh, it was great!

This blur is my dog Max, and he loves Halloween.
Max flipping out.
(A.K.A. what all the picture look like from Halloween night.)
It definitely captures the "OMG IT'S HALLOWEEN!" attitude he has.

To say Halloween is Max's favorite holiday is a total understatement. In my little Max's world Halloween is the day where everyone in the neighborhood get dressed up all funnily to come and visit him. Since this is his tenth Halloween he knows that when we put the jack-o-lanterns out on the front porch that his favorite day of the year has finally arrived! He then runs around the house until we put his costume on, this year just a fun glow in the dark color with bells, then he lays in front of the door the entire night. Every time someone comes up he does his little bark and cute tail wag. 

Snuck up behind him and got the only semi-clear picture of the night!

While Max and my mom were taking care of the trick-or-treaters I was busy painting! I'm working on smaller pieces for the art show with the fun paint colors from the store earlier this week. I'm totally in love with this color pallet, I might even keep one for myself!

Hope everyone had a spooky Halloween!


  1. Great Halloween! :) I wish I had carved a pumpkin! Instead I just spent my night watching horror movies (well, one of them was Frankenweenie haha. Also, you're great at arts, I love the flower thing <3

    1. Ahh Frankenweenie! I totally should have watching that instead! I've been dying to see it lol!
      Aw thank you so much, Ingrid! :D