Absolutely No Idea

October leaves.

I think I finally discovered something today: I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing and that's okay.
I have time to figure it out. I'm going to make mistakes, I'm going to have regrets, I'm going to try to hunt down things that are disguised as dreams and it'll just take me some time to unmask their true identity. It's going to take time to discover who I am and who I want to be.

I know as I say this today I'll have a hard time believing in these words tomorrow, or even a few hours from now, but for just this minute I'm going to enjoy the unknown. Enjoy not knowing, enjoy being young and having no idea where my life is headed. Enjoy that I have years of learning, beauty, happiness and sadness ahead of me. It's like I'm standing in the sunlight and just absorbing its rays. I feel present right now. I haven't felt that in such a long time, it's just so wonderful.

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  1. Yes! Exactly. You know the truth is, most of us most of the time are in a situation where we don't know what we're duty. The key is to just enjoy being and go with it. :)

    Yay for basking in the sunlight.