Happy October!

Happy October, everyone! 

I've been working a lot on setting goals for myself and just really trying to discover who I am as a person. Maybe more so than goals, the list below is just of things that I want to keep in mind throughout October. This year, I just really want to embrace the beauty of Fall! 

So here's my list for this October:

-Be mindful. 
-Slow down, be present. 
-Look for something beautiful in each day. If it's something that can be photographed, photograph it. 
-Embrace creativity. 
-Try (at least) two new recipes.  
-Journal (at least) three times a week.
-Blog (at least) two times a week. 
-Eat healthier. 
-Complete the #FMSPhotoADay (hosted by FatMumSlim) challenge on Instagram. I'm @CrazyKatieMarie on there if you'd like to follow along or join in on the fun!

Max posing next to his nose art on the just-cleaned-window.
How can you be mad at that cute little face though?!

I'll post at the end of the October saying how this month's explorations went. I'll also do write about the two new recipes I plan on trying. I'm just learning how to cook, so it should be fairly interesting to see the finished product and all the craziness that happened along the way.

Here's to a month full of pumpkin flavored drinks, fallen leaves that crunch under our feet and the eerie decorations on our front porches. Cheers! 


  1. Here here! I'll toast to that.

    Awesome list too!

  2. Max is so adorable! I didn't realize you cleaned the window.

    Great list and enjoy autumn.

  3. Max is really cute and you have a very good goal list for October.

    1. Thanks so much, James!
      Hope you have a wonderful October!