Smashing Saturday: Journal It

Welcome to 'Smashing Saturday' hosted here at Call Me Crazy!
I wanted to create a fun way for everyone to share their journals, pages and ideas for everything SMASH!
Don't have a SMASH book? That's okay! You can make your own or even use a notebook!

Don't know what a SMASH book is?
Check out this post I made: SMASH Book 101
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~Journal It~

I did this layout a couple months ago about a mixed media painting I made.
I pretty much covered the entire two pages with writing. 
I journaled about how I made the piece, the supplies I used and more. 
I really love how it turned out! I think this is the most journaling I've done to date!

I made these pages a few weeks ago and this was the first movie-ish layout I did (on the right side). 
I wrote down the cast, a brief plot description and my favorite parts. 
It was quick to do and it's one of my favorite pages in the journal! 

Then with the left side's page I put an old picture I had taken from Milwaukee and did a quick look back at that day. 

This page just has a little bit of everything.
I wanted to put some of my favorite instagram photos from the week in my Smash Book and ended up mixing it with some journaling and magazine cut outs.
I even did a tiny bit of writing on a picture (top one on the left side).
I love how it brings the eye completely across the page and even onto the next.

This Week's Pages

I started a new Smash Book this week and was so excited to work on my first pages in it!
I honestly think it's my favorite one yet! It's the Mod Style and I just love it!

Sometimes I don't want to write a ton of stuff so I'll just draw arrows and say what an item is.
Or I'll leave spaces blank for me to journal later. In the above layout I just have little blurbs and then most of my journaling on a journaling sticker. I usually just write straight onto the page so it was awesome to try something different- I definitely liked how it turned out!

I also used letters from one of my mixed media pieces that I made and these awesome vintage chipboard pieces that I bought from Achiever's on sale!

I love these pictures!
I took a ton of photos when I was on vacation so it was super hard to narrow it down to only a few.
(I actually plan on doing a few more pages about just my trip- I miss them already!)
I wanted the main focus to be on the photographs and have my journaling as more of a secondary feature.
I also kept the stickers/ design pretty minimal and just used the Smash Book's background to help bring out the pretty blue water  in the pictures.

Be ready to see more photos from my trip early next week!

While I was visiting my awesome cousins, we were able to squeeze in some Smash Booking time! 
I bought them both the 'Cutsey Style' Smash Book and oh my goodness is it cute! I think I might even pick one up for myself! The kitchen table was covered with tons of fun stickers, pens, pictures and more! 
They are total pros at it, their pages are seriously amazing- can't wait to go back and Smash some more!

The Sweetest Thing by My Mind's Eye
Le Petit Journal sticker, heart photo tag and block word sticker block. 

For the Record 2 by Lori Whitlock 
Chipboard chair, telephone and button.

'To Bake' sticker from tags pad
Retro Blue Smash Book
Mod Style Smash Book

'Welcome to the Corner' cut out from The Corner Bakery's menu
Picture of shops/downtown is a card from Micheal's 
Alphabet from one of my mixed media pieces

Neopolitan by Dear Lizzy
Yellow floral sticker border and photo tags 

August 10th: The Great Outdoors - Takes some pictures outside. It can be anything from flowers to animals or really just whatever you can find!
August 17th: Pet Love- Dedicate a page just to your pet or just any animal. Take some pictures and write down some of your favorite memories.
August 24th: Stickers- Incorporate stickers into you page's theme.
August 31st: Stuff I Heart/Favorites- Journal about your favorite televisions shows, movies, books and more!
September 7th: 

 Have any ideas for Smashing Saturday themes? Let me know in the comments and I'll credit/link to you and your blog in the post!

The above is totally optional, but I know sometimes that I get in a rut and don't smash for weeks at a time. What helps me keep going is having a 'theme' to smash! Whether it's my dog, my favorite color or just flowers in my backyard, having a topic to smash helps me get started.

I wrote what I'll be smashing and posting for the next five Saturdays. Feel free to join in on that week's theme, but you definitely don't have to, it's just an option! Anything Smash goes in Smashing Saturday!

Call Me Crazy


  1. Love the mortal instruments..SO jazzed to see that movie!

    1. Me too! I'm behind on the books (only read the first three) I'm trying to finish them before it comes out this month! :)

  2. Right on, Katie!! These look absolutely fantastic. I can't believe you did this all yourself, they look like were printed from a computer graphic.

  3. I would love to create a smash book! Looks like it would be fun. :)