Smashing Saturday: Day in the Life

Welcome to 'Smashing Saturday' hosted here at Call Me Crazy!
I wanted to create a fun way for everyone to share their journals, pages and ideas for everything SMASH!
Don't have a SMASH book? That's okay! You can make your own or even use a notebook!

Don't know what a SMASH book is?
Check out this post I made: SMASH Book 101

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~A Day in the Life~

This week seems to have flown by, taking with it my Smash Book time. I did this layout a few weeks ago about a trip my mom and I took to this adorable tea room! It was pretty far away, but definitely worth it.

I just used pictures I took on my phone and then journaled about the day. 

I love using cute little stickers to mark the date and just add aroable little sayings that are relevant to the day. 
I also used a pretty big sticker in this one, I just thought the bright floral match the feel of the resturaunt. 

I absolutely loved their strawberry lemonade, so with the picture that I snapped, I cut out the background and just had the drink pop up from the bottom of the page. I love it!

I usually go dash-outlining crazy on my smash pages. It's just relaxing for me and I think it just really finishes off the pages. I did multiple dash-outline colors around the big floral sticker and around all the other stickers and my drink on the page. 

I buy all of my supplies at my local crafts stores (Micheal's, JoAnn, Archiver's). 
Here, I'll list links where you can find them online. The links will take you to Amazon, Blue Moon Scrapbooking and Staples. 

-Retro Blue Smash Book   Bought at Micheal's.
-Dear Lizzy Neapolitan (stickers)   Bought at Archiver's.
-LePlume Doubled Ended Markers   Bought at Micheal's.

July 20th: Collage Love - Collage two pages with photos, quotes, buttons, etc.
July 27th: Color Coded - Just pick one color and do a page using only that color in stickers, photos, etc.
August 3rd: Journal It - Incorporate journaling in your design. Whether it's on a piece of paper or directly on the page, just write!
August 10th: The Great Outdoors - Takes some pictures outside. It can be anything from flowers to animals or really just whatever you can find!
August 17th: Pet Love- Dedicate a page just to your pet or just any animal. Take some pictures and write down some of your favorite memories. 

The above is totally optional, but I know sometimes that I get in a rut and don't smash for weeks at a time. What helps me keep going is having a 'theme' to smash! Whether it's my dog, my favorite color or just flowers in my backyard, having a topic to smash helps me get started.

I wrote what I'll be smashing and posting for the next five Saturdays. Feel free to join in on that week's theme, but you definitely don't have to, it's just an option! Anything Smash goes in Smashing Saturday!

Have any ideas for an upcoming theme? Leave a comment with your Smashing Saturday theme and I'll give you credit by linking to your blog!

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  1. Seriously, Katie: I WANT YOUR TALENT. I've always wanted to start up a scrapbook/journal, but I'm lazy and sloppy so it wouldn't look nearly as pretty, no matter how hard I tried lol. Looks so great!

    1. Aw Briana you're so sweet, thank you! I bet it would look amazing!!! :D

  2. What a cute place!!

    Briana is right btw. You're talented! :)

  3. Thank you for such a nice, clear and inspiring blog! I just started to journal, then zentangle, now I see how I can combine them along with scraping all into one smashbook! I am so excited. I am a college prof and needed a creative and relaxing outlet and I think this is just the thing! Thank you!!