Smashing Saturday: Color Coded

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~Color Coded~

I love color so what better way to show some color love than having some of my Smash Book's pages dedicated to a certain color?!


Earlier this year I did a sewing color swap and both of our colors were purple! I took picture of the beautiful gifts I received, Max snooping through the paper, what I sent and a card from the lovely lady that sent me the package. I finished the page off with a title in purple and a pretty purple fabric flower. I love how most of the color is in the photos and that I was able to create a 'one color' look without having to use tons of magazine clippings- defnitely a change!


This page is just blue everything! I save a lot of random stuff so I can smash it later one and I noticed that I had a ton of blue items. I couldnt' resist dedicating a page to just blue!


For these pages I took a 'pink' cue from the left hand page and decided to make everything pinkish. This is extremely color coded, but there's definitely more pink than any other color. I brought in orange, yellow and light browns to accent the pink.


This week's layout was super quick and easy to do. I've been pretty busy lately, but didn't want to completely neglect my Smash Book so I just decided to go with a color I love- purple! I used a random tarrot card I found in a book, a photo of a flower in my backyard, a saying that came from jewlery, sticker letters and a cut out from a magazine with some washi tape on the corners.

August 3rd: Journal It - Incorporate journaling in your design. Whether it's on a piece of paper or directly on the page, just write!
August 10th: The Great Outdoors - Takes some pictures outside. It can be anything from flowers to animals or really just whatever you can find!
August 17th: Pet Love- Dedicate a page just to your pet or just any animal. Take some pictures and write down some of your favorite memories.
August 24th: Stickers- Incorporate stickers into you page's theme.
August 31st: My Favorites- Journal about your favorite televisions shows, movies, books and more!

 Have any ideas for Smashing Saturday themes? Let me know in the comments and I'll credit/link to you and your blog in the post!

The above is totally optional, but I know sometimes that I get in a rut and don't smash for weeks at a time. What helps me keep going is having a 'theme' to smash! Whether it's my dog, my favorite color or just flowers in my backyard, having a topic to smash helps me get started.

I wrote what I'll be smashing and posting for the next five Saturdays. Feel free to join in on that week's theme, but you definitely don't have to, it's just an option! Anything Smash goes in Smashing Saturday!

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