Product Review: Easy Canvas Prints

I was approached by Easy Canvas Prints to do a review of a 16x20 canvas and I immediatily jumped at the opportunity! I have tons of pictures just sitting on my computer or that I printed on boring photo paper only to have sit in albums, so I thought this was the perfect time to put one of those special pictures up on the wall!

Of course I chose one with my sweet Max to go onto my canvas. I've had this picture for a while and it's my all time favorite of him. It captures his sweetness that's mixed with a touch of mischief. Also those big brown eyes can melt anyone's heart! 

The process of making my canvas was super simple and there's tons of ways you can personalize your canvas. You get to pick the size (illustrated over an average sized couch so you can picture how the sizing will look in your home.) Another option you can chose it the depth of the canvas and the color of the sides or if you want the photo to wrap around to the sides or you can have the mirrored image. I chose black and I love how it looks! It really pops when you see the canvas from the side. 

I also had the option to chose a photograph from not only my computer, but from instagram or facebook too- which was awesome! After you chose your picture they let you know immediately the quality of your photo to give you a better idea on how it will look on cavas from poor, fair to good. Luckily my photo was labled as good! 

They have auto fit, but you can also zoom in and move your photo around so you can have your subject/scene fitted into the middle. This was perfect for me because my photo wasn't exactly in the middle, so I was able to move it a bit so it ended up looking centered. 

You also have the option of making your photo black and with or sepia. I just went with the regular color of my photo since Max is black and white already. I definitely love those options though! 

Here's the original photo that I put onto canvas. 
It was taken with a Cannon EOS Rebel T3i. 

Here's how the photo came out on canvas.

Max has dark black fur which, in my past experiences, doesn't print well on paper. It just comes out as a black blurr. I was pleasantly surprised that you can see the little hairs on his face and that it's pretty clear. However there are some spots that are just completely black and shiny, but I think that's more of the pictures fault than a bad printing job. But, it also depends how you look at it, like if I were in look at it from the side, there's not as much glare. The background (carpet) behind Max also turned out a bit red/pink, but it's not as noticible when you don't see the original photo and the canvas side-by-side. 

Here's a glimpse at the side. I love the black edging! It really makes it pop from the wall and it perfectly matches his fur. Since we have just white-ish/beige walls the black on the side really helps separate the canvas from the boring wall.

I would probably order another canvas from Easy Canvas Prints, I'm pretty happy with mine! It was really easy to create, shipped quickly, but also safely and the staff was extremely helpful and kind.

My only tip would be to watch out on how much black/dark spots are on your photograph because it might not come out as sharp/clear as you're hoping for.

It also gets Max's stamp of approval! Woof!
My dad showing Max his photo.

A huge thank you goes out to Easy Canvas Prints!

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Disclaimer: I was approached by Easy Canvas Prints to review a 16x20 canvas in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Great job!

    I need to get a canvas done. I want our new house to be very calming and serene so I want to frame some of our gorgeous outdoorsy vacation photos.

    1. Thanks Juju!
      I bet that will look absolutely beautiful! :)

  2. The black edging looks fantastic - and such an adorable picture!

    1. Thanks Lea!
      I love that they have that as an option! :)

  3. Max is so cute! The picture looks great, I'd like to have a floral photo done.