Firmoo Sunglasses Review

I was contacted by Firmoo Global Online Optical Store to review another pair of glasses. I was so pleased with the first pair I received that I jumped at this wonderful opportunity. This time around I decided to go with sunglasses!

I chose #SD2299 and tinted my lenses gray at 80%. 
My lenses are 1.57 index lenses with anti-radiation and a UV coating.

Like I mentioned in my last review, I'm definitely not a huge fan of going into a store and trying to pick out glasses. I always feel rushed and overwhelmed by the thousands of pairs staring back at me. I think this is why I love Firmoo so much, I can chose my glasses from my own home at my own pace. I'll look at a pair and the next day come pack and see if I still like it. I love that I'm able to be one hundred percent sure that I'm going to love my new frames! 

Firmoo has such a wide variety of stylish glasses for an affordable price. At first I was a little iffy about ordering from offline because I didn't know how they'd look on my face, but Firmoo offers a Virtual Try-On System that hasn't failed me yet! All I had to do was upload a picture of myself and then I was able to see the glasses on me, it's perfect! 

I love that Firmoo puts so much thought into the products that you'll need when you get your glasses home. I mean not only do you get a soft fabric case, but also a hard sturdy case to protect your glasses. You also get a handy cleaning cloth and (this is the part I love) a screwdriver key chain and an extra screw. Seriously?! This is genius! All I have to do is put this in a safe place and now I don't have to worry if something comes loose or falls out because I have the tools and supplies to fix it. Very thoughtful, Firmoo!

Not going to lie- I felt pretty silly taking pictures of myself wearing sunglasses inside, but it is WAY too hot out to go outside. Every time I do my camera lense fogs up and my hair takes up the entire shot. So here's my sunglasses pictures from inside my air conditioned room! 

Now let's just have a quick chat about my face and how almost all sunglasses look horrible on it. Seriously. I never wear sunglasses because I think I look silly. No matter what the style, they always look stupid, but Firmoo somehow has made a pair of sunglasses that don't make me look like a psycho, YAY! 

I really love how they're a little on the big side, but not totally over-the-top huge. They're sturdy, no scratches and do a great job at protecting my eyes from the sun. I also like how the sides of the sunglasses aren't super thick. Sometimes with glasses the sides will be so thick that I can't really use my peripheral vision, seriously, not really a great thing to experience while driving. But I don't have to worry about that with these glasses, woo! 

Want your own pair of super awesome glasses? Well, Firmoo is nice enough to have the First Pair Free program! They also have a LUCKY DRAW that can happen at the free glasses page where one person is randomly selected to win free glassess and free shipping each day, how awesome?! 

I decided to make a tradition out of the goofy picture at the end of each glasses review...

Shirt: Limited Edition Kennedy Band Tee for The Maine
Silver Headband: Forever 21
Flower Headband: Vera Bradley
Bracelet: PacSun
Scarf: Charming Charlie
Sunglasses: Firmoo #SD2299

FTC Guidelines: Firmoo Global Online Optical Store provided me with a free pair of glasses in exchange for a honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.