Smashing Saturday: My SMASH Essentials

Welcome to the very first 'Smashing Saturday' hosted here at Call Me Crazy!
I wanted to create a fun way for everyone to share their journals, pages and ideas for everything SMASH!
Don't have a SMASH book? That's okay! You can make your own or even use a notebook!

Don't know what a SMASH book is? 
Check out this post I made: SMASH Journal 101

I'm still deciding if I'll have a topic posted (totally optional) like 'Ways to Incorporate Washi Tape in a Page Layout' or something like that. I'd post them a couple months ahead a time so we all can prepare. Let me know what you think! 

I'll have the Mister Linky (hopefully) working by next week, I ran into a tad of a problem with it this week, so if you decide to post or have a post that's SMASH related be sure to comment below with a link to your post! 

My SMASH Essentials

It can be a bit overwhelming going into a store and seeing all of the SMASH supplies that the store carries. You don't want to get too much, but then you want to make sure you have enough to start. 
I thought a fun and helpful way to help you decide what you may need when you begin your SMASH collection was to show you some of my favorite supplies!
I kept these essentials to just the products by SMASH, I'll do a post later on with some other supplies that I also use.

1. SMASH Journal
Of course one of my essentials would be an actual journal! This is the 365 theme- where the pages follow the months and holidays throughout the year.

2. The Smash Stick
This comes with a journal: the Smash Stick! It has a fine tip (Sharpie) like pen and then a glue stick on the other end. Perfect for smashing in pictures and journaling!

3. Washi Tape
For the longest time I had no idea what washi tape was, now that I know it's out there, I can't stop adding more to my stash. I love it! It's just tape that comes in all different types of colors and patterns that are perfect for adding that special little touch to a page.

4. Page Tabs
These are adhesive canvas stickers that you can use to label pages on your journal. I love how it looks when my journal is closed and you can see the tab peeking out between the pages!

5. Word Clips
This was one of the first products I bought for my SMASH journal. I love the cute little sayings/ images on these clips. I put them on photos, letters and just about anything to add a little sparkle to a page.

6. Paperclips 
I absolutely adore the striped read and white paperclips that SMASH has! It makes it easy for me to add elements to a page without having to glue them down or I just use them for decoration. A lot come in a pack, which is awesome! I'm still on my first one- that I bought way over a year ago!

7. Stamp Stickers
I love adding cute/witty stickers to a page! Lately I've been loving stickers that look like stamps, I adore the border and sometimes vintage feel.

8. Arrows and Banners
I love being able to put a caption to a picture or point something out with these fun little stick-ons! Sometimes I'll journal in them, but most of the time I'll leave them empty and just use it as a design element.

9. Smash Pads 
Smash Pads come in all different themes and they are little journal cards that prompt you with what to write. Some of them are 'Top Tens' or 'What's On Your Playlist' or even 'Best Places to Eat'. They are awesome designs and they definitely help me get out of a journaling slump. I've heard of some people putting it in the purse and whenever they have time they just fill out a card- I definitely want to start doing that!

What are your Smashing Essentials? 

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*Sale Notice*
SMASH Journals and Supplies are currenty 40% off ($8.99) in JoAnn stores and online! 
Most of the supplies are less than $2.00! Check it out!


  1. Wait, so what's a smash journal? Basically just a normal journal, but with an emphasis on pictures and souvenirs like ticket stubs and stuff like that? I totally love all your stuff, especially the cute little banner and arrow sticky notes! I'll have to look into getting a Smash journal. Judging by this post it seems AWESOME! :D

    Julia @ That Hapa Chick

    1. Hey Julia!
      Yep, pretty much! I did a Smash Journal 101 post if you want to check that out. It has all the info on it!
      Aw thank you so much! You're so sweet! :)

  2. Great post, I've really been curious about these lately!!

    1. Thanks Carrie!
      They're the best, I definitely recommend picking one up!

  3. Very informative post! I may have to get one for myself someday. Seems a lot easier than traditional scrap booking.

    1. Thanks so much Kate! You totally should!
      I think it is, definitely easier to me at least lol! :)

  4. Wow this is really cool. I have never heard of this before, thanks for sharing!! :D I can't wait to get started.

    1. Thanks V!
      I'm so happy to hear you'll be starting your very own SMASH journal!
      I hope you decide to share, I'd love to see it! :)

  5. I had no idea what the Washi tape was when I was at Michael's but now I want it LOL. I am hoping that when I get back from vacation that there will be some stuff on sale again so that I can stock up. Just curious besides Michael's where else can you buy Smash items? I will be heading to the US in August.

    I will be working on my post and I hope it will be up next weekend.

    I really like the topic idea

    1. Hey Cindy!
      (I just sent you an email!)
      I know right?! I'd always see it and be like 'that's an awful lot for some colored tape, but oh my is it worth it! Can't wait to see what colors you'll pick up!)
      But I got to JoAnn, Archivers and sometimes Amazon :D
      Can't wait to see your post!
      Thanks SO much!

    2. I just came back and read this and I didn't get your email, hmm not sure what happened but just in case its

      Alright I am trying to contain myself as I want to run out to Michael's to buy some washi tape lol thankfully tomorrow is a holiday in Quebec so everything is closed but seriously thinking on Tuesday i am going LOL

    3. I probably didn't send it right the first time- I just sent it as a reply to the email notification I got when someone leaves a comment, lol I'm not even sure if that even works, sorry!
      I sent you one to that above address :)

      I'm so excited for Tuesday for you! I hope you have fun shopping for stuff! :)

  6. I think this looks really cool. I'm totally going to have to pop into Michael's and get one. This looks like a ton of fun!

    1. Hey Britt!
      I'm so happy to hear you like the Smashing idea!
      Hope you join in on the fun next Saturday, I'd love to see your work!
      Thanks so much! :)