Smashing Saturday: My Finished Smash Book

Welcome to 'Smashing Saturday' hosted here at Call Me Crazy!
I wanted to create a fun way for everyone to share their journals, pages and ideas for everything SMASH!
Don't have a SMASH book? That's okay! You can make your own or even use a notebook!

Don't know what a SMASH book is?
Check out this post I made: SMASH Journal 101

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My First {Finished} Smash Journal!

This past Fall I picked up my third SMASH journal and finished it in early Spring. I tend to work on my journal in chunks at a time (usually Fridays and Saturdays). I'll do about two pages a day, which is why it took me quite a while to finally finish one. 

I had so much fun making this one! It's in the 'Pretty Pink' journal and I just wanted to fill it with things that make me feel happy and calm. I did some pages on the five senses, put some positive letters/notes, photos of good memories and wrote positive messages to myself throughout the book. 

I've been smashing a lot lately, the 'Retro Blue' journal I bought in mid-Spring is almost done. It's fun looking at my old journal and seeing how my 'smashing' style has changed, even in just a few short months.

Coming Up:
July 6th:  Washi Tape (Ways to incorporate it in a page layout)
July 13th:  Day in the Life (Smash just one day- only photos, objects, etc. from a single day)
July 20th:  Collage (Collage two pages with photos, quotes, buttons, etc.)
July 27th:  Color Coded (Just pick one color and do a page using only that color in stickers, photos, etc.)
August 3rd:  Journal It (Incorporate journal in your design. Whether it's on a piece of paper or directly on the page, just write!)

The above is totally optional, but I know sometimes that I get in a rut and don't smash for weeks at a time. What helps me keep going is having a 'theme' to smash! Whether it's my dog, my favorite color or just flowers in my backyard, having a topic to smash helps me get started.

I wrote what I'll be smashing and posting for the next five Saturdays. Feel free to join in on that week's theme, but you definitely don't have to, it's just an option! Anything Smash goes in Smashing Saturday!

Call Me Crazy

See you next Saturday for some more Smashing fun!


  1. Katie your journal is awesome. So creative. Working on my first post and hoping to have it up tonight.

    I love the topic ideas and will be writing them down to hopefully get into them. I think the washi tape will have to wait until I come back as I don't think I will make it to Michael's before I leave.

    Oh BTW I was at walmart and they are starting to get some of the Smash line into their stores. Mine currently only has a few journals, tabs and two pen/glue sticks. I will share that haul in my post.

    1. Thank you so much Cindy!
      Your post was amazing, thanks a ton for joining in on Smashing Saturday, it means the world!
      Can't wait to see your post next week!
      Thank you! :)

  2. I love love washi tape. Yay! It's looking good doll!

    1. Aw thanks so much Juju!
      Oh my goodness, me too! It's my latest scrapbook-y addiction! lol