June 2013 Favorites

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I decided that I wanted to do a monthly post were I talk about some of the things I've been loving lately!

**I linked the above image with where you can find more information about the products.
All you have to do is click the item you want to know more about!**

I'm completely in love with Bath and Body Work's 3-wick candles. Not only do they smell amazing, but they look so pretty too! I adore so many of their Summer scents, but my favorites are Bahama Fizz, Caribbean Paradise and Palm Beach Cooler. Their just so fruity and fresh that I can't help but burn them all day long! 

I really have never been a fan of lip balm or chap stick (okay, really any kind of makeup whatsoever) but it gets to the point where my lips just get so chapped that I have to cave in and wear something. I had heard great things about EOS (Evolution of Smooth) lip balms that I figured I'd give it a go. I bought the Strawberry Sorbet flavor and oh my goodness I love it! It smells delicious and it moisturizes my lips! It's clear and doesn't feel sticky so I forget I'm wearing it- it's perfect! The shape is also super cute and handy: it's a little circle that has a screw-off cap with half circle of lip balm inside that you can apply directly to your lips.

I've been wearing my jean vest from Old Navy non-stop. It's just so comfortable and goes with everything. It's perfect for the Spring and Summertime because I can just through it over a t-shirt and not have to worry about getting too hot. I'll definitely be 'investing' in more, I love them!

I love nail polish, it's one of my guilty pleasures and my favorite brand is Essie. They have so many colors (with clever names) and the quality is great, they last on my nails for so long! I recently bought 'Bikini So Teeny' and have been wearing it non-stop. It's a super pretty periwinkle color that pops ever so slightly against my tanned summer skin. I usually like wearing bold and bright nail polish, but I love that this one is soft and subtle color, but still noticeable.

My mom and I love Vera Bradley and were definitely loving their Summer Sale on certain fabric colors. 'Lime's Up' was one of the colors that were on sale so I had to grab a cute little cosmetic bag! It's just so bright and happy that I can't help but love it!

You guys probably already know I am a huge fan of The Maine, but I just had to include their new album, Forever Halloween, in this list! I've listened to them since my junior year of high school and it's been amazing growing up with them and listening to their music grow with me. I can relate a lot to their songs, especially on this album. I definitely recommend you pick this one up, it's incredible. My favorite song on Forever Halloween is 'Run'.

I recently upgraded my phone to an iPhone 5 and just love it. I've been an iPhone girl since my iPhone 3G and was so happy to update my iPhone 4 to the newest version. The camera is so much better and I love that I can take panoramic shots. I got my case at AT&T when I bought my phone, I just loved the bold floral print, just perfect for Summer!

I've been living in Bath and Body Works lately (seriously, they're sales are killing my wallet!) I couldn't resist not buying some candle holders to go with my new Summer candles. My favorite is the 'Lace Flower' holder. It's super Summery and a touch girly. It looks just perfect in my room!

What are your June Favorites?
Have you tried any of these products, did you like them?


  1. Love the vest. Cute! Makes me think of the 80s. I think I had one back then.

    LOVE the case.

  2. I am a huge fan of Vera Bradley's stuff. I don't have alot from her just a cross body purse, a smaller purse and a card wallet. I am really happy that there isn't one close to me or else I would be in trouble.

    Aren't the eos balms the best? I think I have the whole collection and love them all.

    I am like you with BBW. I keep getting emails about the sales they are having but I delete them all because I could spend a fortune there but I do love their candles and soaps. I am currently burning market peach and love it.

    Essie is the best nail polish out there although I am a little jealous of you guys in the US because you get some that we don't get.

    1. Hi Cindy!
      I love Vera's cross body purse too! There's one close by me, I try to avoid that area because I know I'd spend way too much!
      They totally are! I definitely think I'll be starting my own EOS collection too!
      Oh my gosh I'm totally with you! After two trips there, now I won't even open the emails b/c I know it'll make me want to go! Then their facebook page had that $9 candle sale and it was so hard not to go! Oh my gosh that one sounds so good! I definitely love the peach scents!
      Agreed! Aww I hope they start getting all the colors by you soon!
      Thanks so much, Cindy! :)

  3. LOVE this type of post Katie! Do you mind if I use the idea too?

    I'm a huge nail polish addict as well. Totally one of my random guilty pleasures. :P

    My favorite EOS lip balm flavor is the summer fruits. It smells just like delicious Asian candy and of course the lip balm itself is the bomb.

    SO JEALOUS OF YOUR IPHONE!!! I just got a Samsung Galaxy S3 (it's my first smart phone!) and I like it, but I wish I could have gotten an iPhone. I just bought the new iPod touch last Thanksgiving so I really couldn't rationalize dropping a ton of money on a new iPhone too. BUMMER! I'll have to upgrade to one in 2 years when my new contract expires. SO LONG.

    I hope you're having a fantastic summer!!!

    Julia @ That Hapa Chick

    1. Aw thanks Julia! You TOTALLY CAN! I got the idea from posts that tons of other bloggers do and youtubers too! Go for it, I'd love to see your favorites! :D

      Ooo I totally want the summer fruits one, it smells delicious!

      Aw thanks! My friend has the Galaxy and loves it, I hope you do too! It looks pretty!

      Thanks Julia! <3