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Smashing Saturday: My Finished Smash Book

Welcome to 'Smashing Saturday' hosted here at Call Me Crazy!
I wanted to create a fun way for everyone to share their journals, pages and ideas for everything SMASH!
Don't have a SMASH book? That's okay! You can make your own or even use a notebook!

Don't know what a SMASH book is?
Check out this post I made: SMASH Journal 101

Make sure to link your Smashing Saturday post in the linky-widget down below!
I can't wait to see all of your creations!

My First {Finished} Smash Journal!

This past Fall I picked up my third SMASH journal and finished it in early Spring. I tend to work on my journal in chunks at a time (usually Fridays and Saturdays). I'll do about two pages a day, which is why it took me quite a while to finally finish one. 

I had so much fun making this one! It's in the 'Pretty Pink' journal and I just wanted to fill it with things that make me feel happy and calm. I did some pages on the five senses, put some positive letters/notes, photos of good memories and wrote positive messages to myself throughout the book. 

I've been smashing a lot lately, the 'Retro Blue' journal I bought in mid-Spring is almost done. It's fun looking at my old journal and seeing how my 'smashing' style has changed, even in just a few short months.

Coming Up:
July 6th:  Washi Tape (Ways to incorporate it in a page layout)
July 13th:  Day in the Life (Smash just one day- only photos, objects, etc. from a single day)
July 20th:  Collage (Collage two pages with photos, quotes, buttons, etc.)
July 27th:  Color Coded (Just pick one color and do a page using only that color in stickers, photos, etc.)
August 3rd:  Journal It (Incorporate journal in your design. Whether it's on a piece of paper or directly on the page, just write!)

The above is totally optional, but I know sometimes that I get in a rut and don't smash for weeks at a time. What helps me keep going is having a 'theme' to smash! Whether it's my dog, my favorite color or just flowers in my backyard, having a topic to smash helps me get started.

I wrote what I'll be smashing and posting for the next five Saturdays. Feel free to join in on that week's theme, but you definitely don't have to, it's just an option! Anything Smash goes in Smashing Saturday!

Call Me Crazy

See you next Saturday for some more Smashing fun!

Giveaway: Easy Canvas Prints

A big thank you to Easy Canvas Prints for making this giveaway possible!

I just ordered my very own specialized canvas from Easy Canvas Prints and I cannot wait to see it in person! I mean how awesome is it that you can put your very own picture directly onto canvas and hang it on your wall?! I can't wait to show you guys who/what I printed on my canvas!

photo canvas prints

One 8"x10" canvas from Easy Canvas Prints is up for grabs!
There will be one winner.
U.S. and Canada only please. 
Alaska, Hawaii and Canada will need to pay for shipping, but the canvas will still be free.
You must be 13 years or older to enter.

You can check out my full Contest Policy here.

To enter the giveaway fill out the Raffelcopter form below.
Giveaway will end Friday, July 5th.

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banner maker

Mixed Media: Grow

acrylic // paper // ink // color wash // stencils //stamps // brads // canvas

Five Minutes

My mom and I circa 2007.
Seeing Josh Turner in concert at the county fair.
She was trying to take a picture with her BlackBerry.

My mind has been going a lot lately.
I move so fast,
so do my thoughts.

I can't concentrate.
I keep trying to start something,
like an art project
a new television show
a blog post-

and I can't sit still
I can't focus.

I thought I'd document my thoughts in a five-minute time period. 

My fingers are moving too quickly.
my clumsy fingers are bumping into too many keys at once
I keep misspelling words,
my grammar is off.

I need to keep going...

I'm thinking about this friend I had when I was twelve.
I think he was the only true friend I had.
He listened and so did I.
We wouldn't even have to talk- we could just look at each other
and know what the other was thinking
then bust out laughing.
He was sarcastic,
had a dry-witty personality.
I think I get some of my humor from him.
He got me,
even when I didn't.
I miss him.
He got sick too.
He's here, so close,
yet not.

There was this time in fourth grade,
we all had these special jobs that the teacher assigned,
I had to bring in the lunch boxes that were in this big laundry basket.
My friends came up and shoved down on it,
I dropped it.
They said I'd be nothing more than a reject
and walked away.
I was nine.

In seventh grade in English class I had to dress up like a cat
all black- pants, turtle neck
tail and ears.
I walked down the hall and the bell just happened to ring,
everyone was staring.
I was the weird girl dressed like a feline.
I think that was the first time anyone ever looked at me.

Remember Lizzie McGuire?
I thought so much that junior high would really be like that,
high school too.
That I'd have cute animal print trapper keepers in neon colors,
best friends I could count on
and a cute boy to crush on.
I knew that problems would happen,
but I'd still be there
with my pigtails in fuzzy pony tail holders
and a Gordo waiting at my door.

It never stops.
I'm so tired.

My Week in Instagram Photos

A friend and I went out for dinner and a movie on Monday. We ate at Chili's then saw This is the End. It was super funny! Seth Rogan, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Daryll from The Office and that cute guy from Tropic Thunder were in it (playing themselves). They're at Franco's house partying when all of a sudden the apocalypse starts and hilarity ensues. Definitely need to have a strong stomach and a weird sense of humor (like myself) to enjoy this one- totally disgusting in some parts, but overall a great movie!

It was my cousin's birthday this week! We are ten years apart and I just felt so old realized that she has been here an entire decade! She was the very first baby I ever held and we've always been really close. I'm so happy to have her in my life!

I love Supernatural! It's my favorites show and I recently finished seasons one through seven on Netflix and now I'm totally depressed that I have to wait for season eight to come out on DVD so I can watch it. Then season nine starts in the Fall and I'm just so excited! This picture is of Castiel (Misha Collins) from the episode The Man Who Would Be King in season six.

I recently discovered the amazingness that is Trader Joe's. I'm loving their Chicken Salad wrap with a couple pineapple spears on the side.

My little Max has been carrying around my little tiger for the past week. He will just sit in front of you with it and give you those big brown puppy dog eyes.

It was my parents anniversary this weekend and my dad got my mom a beautiful bouquet of pink roses!

I couldn't pass up this cup at Starbucks! It's just so fun and sparkly- I love it!

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Smashing Saturday: My SMASH Essentials

Welcome to the very first 'Smashing Saturday' hosted here at Call Me Crazy!
I wanted to create a fun way for everyone to share their journals, pages and ideas for everything SMASH!
Don't have a SMASH book? That's okay! You can make your own or even use a notebook!

Don't know what a SMASH book is? 
Check out this post I made: SMASH Journal 101

I'm still deciding if I'll have a topic posted (totally optional) like 'Ways to Incorporate Washi Tape in a Page Layout' or something like that. I'd post them a couple months ahead a time so we all can prepare. Let me know what you think! 

I'll have the Mister Linky (hopefully) working by next week, I ran into a tad of a problem with it this week, so if you decide to post or have a post that's SMASH related be sure to comment below with a link to your post! 

My SMASH Essentials

It can be a bit overwhelming going into a store and seeing all of the SMASH supplies that the store carries. You don't want to get too much, but then you want to make sure you have enough to start. 
I thought a fun and helpful way to help you decide what you may need when you begin your SMASH collection was to show you some of my favorite supplies!
I kept these essentials to just the products by SMASH, I'll do a post later on with some other supplies that I also use.

1. SMASH Journal
Of course one of my essentials would be an actual journal! This is the 365 theme- where the pages follow the months and holidays throughout the year.

2. The Smash Stick
This comes with a journal: the Smash Stick! It has a fine tip (Sharpie) like pen and then a glue stick on the other end. Perfect for smashing in pictures and journaling!

3. Washi Tape
For the longest time I had no idea what washi tape was, now that I know it's out there, I can't stop adding more to my stash. I love it! It's just tape that comes in all different types of colors and patterns that are perfect for adding that special little touch to a page.

4. Page Tabs
These are adhesive canvas stickers that you can use to label pages on your journal. I love how it looks when my journal is closed and you can see the tab peeking out between the pages!

5. Word Clips
This was one of the first products I bought for my SMASH journal. I love the cute little sayings/ images on these clips. I put them on photos, letters and just about anything to add a little sparkle to a page.

6. Paperclips 
I absolutely adore the striped read and white paperclips that SMASH has! It makes it easy for me to add elements to a page without having to glue them down or I just use them for decoration. A lot come in a pack, which is awesome! I'm still on my first one- that I bought way over a year ago!

7. Stamp Stickers
I love adding cute/witty stickers to a page! Lately I've been loving stickers that look like stamps, I adore the border and sometimes vintage feel.

8. Arrows and Banners
I love being able to put a caption to a picture or point something out with these fun little stick-ons! Sometimes I'll journal in them, but most of the time I'll leave them empty and just use it as a design element.

9. Smash Pads 
Smash Pads come in all different themes and they are little journal cards that prompt you with what to write. Some of them are 'Top Tens' or 'What's On Your Playlist' or even 'Best Places to Eat'. They are awesome designs and they definitely help me get out of a journaling slump. I've heard of some people putting it in the purse and whenever they have time they just fill out a card- I definitely want to start doing that!

What are your Smashing Essentials? 

Be sure to link up your posts below in the comments! 
(Anything SMASH/Junk Journal related is perfect) 
Don't forget to grab a button too!

Call Me Crazy

Check back next week for some more smashing fun!

*Sale Notice*
SMASH Journals and Supplies are currenty 40% off ($8.99) in JoAnn stores and online! 
Most of the supplies are less than $2.00! Check it out!


She said my nails shouldn't be a color,
that they should stay plain.
I didn't deserve the indulgence.
So they remained blank.

No one could see my colors
not in her shadow anyway.
Standing behind her for so long faded me,
it made me hate me.
I needed her to complete me.
Without her acceptance I was worth nothing.

I didn't know anything but her darkness,
she said she deserved all the light.
She was so quick to forget
that in the dark I held the gift of sight.
I wasn't easily blinded by that big bright light.

Across state lines the light faltered.
Seduced by the warm glow,
the bottle made the light
so quick to explode.

It may have given you acceptance,
but I gave you more.
Always taking on your clouds
was such a difficult chore.

I tried to join in from afar.
I didn't know if I could live without your light.
Keeping me discreetly hidden,
always safe from sight.
But the bottle continued to call, 
you said it let your colors show.
That you needed it being so far from home.

Two girls.
Both stuck on a bottle.
Yours is filled with lonely nights,
while mine is filled with a bright light. 
Mine will color in the gaps you left,
yours will leave you in its shadow.
Promising to cradle you through the night,
when it leads you to a dimmer tomorrow.


I originally posted this poem on my personal blog, but since I decided to make Call Me Crazy my 'everything blog' I wanted to re-post it on here. I wrote it in February, I just edited it a bit today.

It's always hard for me to re-read my writing. It takes me back to that place and feelings of the time I wrote it. I feel like this was good for me though- to read through this one again.

I've been feeling bad about losing an old friend, but this reminded me of the choice she made and how I need to keep going for the nail polish bottle and not the other. To keep my priorities straight. To know that even though this person is home now, it won't be for long. That this is a reoccurring thing, alcohol or not, there would always be something/one that was chosen over me. I need to remember to keep my head up and just keep going.

June 2013 Favorites

Image Map
I decided that I wanted to do a monthly post were I talk about some of the things I've been loving lately!

**I linked the above image with where you can find more information about the products.
All you have to do is click the item you want to know more about!**

I'm completely in love with Bath and Body Work's 3-wick candles. Not only do they smell amazing, but they look so pretty too! I adore so many of their Summer scents, but my favorites are Bahama Fizz, Caribbean Paradise and Palm Beach Cooler. Their just so fruity and fresh that I can't help but burn them all day long! 

I really have never been a fan of lip balm or chap stick (okay, really any kind of makeup whatsoever) but it gets to the point where my lips just get so chapped that I have to cave in and wear something. I had heard great things about EOS (Evolution of Smooth) lip balms that I figured I'd give it a go. I bought the Strawberry Sorbet flavor and oh my goodness I love it! It smells delicious and it moisturizes my lips! It's clear and doesn't feel sticky so I forget I'm wearing it- it's perfect! The shape is also super cute and handy: it's a little circle that has a screw-off cap with half circle of lip balm inside that you can apply directly to your lips.

I've been wearing my jean vest from Old Navy non-stop. It's just so comfortable and goes with everything. It's perfect for the Spring and Summertime because I can just through it over a t-shirt and not have to worry about getting too hot. I'll definitely be 'investing' in more, I love them!

I love nail polish, it's one of my guilty pleasures and my favorite brand is Essie. They have so many colors (with clever names) and the quality is great, they last on my nails for so long! I recently bought 'Bikini So Teeny' and have been wearing it non-stop. It's a super pretty periwinkle color that pops ever so slightly against my tanned summer skin. I usually like wearing bold and bright nail polish, but I love that this one is soft and subtle color, but still noticeable.

My mom and I love Vera Bradley and were definitely loving their Summer Sale on certain fabric colors. 'Lime's Up' was one of the colors that were on sale so I had to grab a cute little cosmetic bag! It's just so bright and happy that I can't help but love it!

You guys probably already know I am a huge fan of The Maine, but I just had to include their new album, Forever Halloween, in this list! I've listened to them since my junior year of high school and it's been amazing growing up with them and listening to their music grow with me. I can relate a lot to their songs, especially on this album. I definitely recommend you pick this one up, it's incredible. My favorite song on Forever Halloween is 'Run'.

I recently upgraded my phone to an iPhone 5 and just love it. I've been an iPhone girl since my iPhone 3G and was so happy to update my iPhone 4 to the newest version. The camera is so much better and I love that I can take panoramic shots. I got my case at AT&T when I bought my phone, I just loved the bold floral print, just perfect for Summer!

I've been living in Bath and Body Works lately (seriously, they're sales are killing my wallet!) I couldn't resist not buying some candle holders to go with my new Summer candles. My favorite is the 'Lace Flower' holder. It's super Summery and a touch girly. It looks just perfect in my room!

What are your June Favorites?
Have you tried any of these products, did you like them?

Before the Storm

Our town was hit with a pretty big storm recently.
I wanted to snap a couple pictures of our beautiful flowers before the wind came and knocked them over.

Three of my mom's quilts were displayed in our Village Hall recently.
It was part of this new quilting festival our town has going on.
Also, three of my great-grandmother, grandmother and Mom's quilts were talked about in one of the exhibits.
I'm so proud of her!
You can check out her blog here.

I completely forgot to post 'Smashing Saturday' this week, I remembered Saturday night and felt horrible!
I have the post all ready (finally!) and will put it up this Saturday. It's done: scheduled and everything, haha!

Hope you all have a wonderful week, Happy Monday!

Cover Reveal + Giveaway: A Little Too Far by Lisa Desrochers

"More than a ridiculously sexy, HOT read, Desrochers takes you on a wild ride of self-discovery and bittersweet romance."
—Jennifer L. Armentrout (J. Lynn), 
New York Times bestselling author of Wait for You

Have you ever gone just a little too far?

Lexie Banks has.
Yep. She just had mind-blowing sex with her stepbrother.In her defense, she was on the rebound, and it’s more of a my-dad-happened-to-marry-a-woman-with-a-super-hot-son situation. But still, he’s been her best friend and confidant for better part of the last few years…and is so off limits. It’s a good thing she’s leaving in two days for a year abroad in Rome.But even thousands of miles away, Lexie can’t seem to escape trouble. Raised Catholic, she goes to Confession in hopes of alleviating some of her guilt…and maybe not burning in hell. Instead, she stumbles out of the confessional right into Alessandro Moretti, a young and very easy on the eyes deacon…only eight months away from becoming a priest. As Lexie and Alessandro grow closer, and when Alessandro’s signals start changing despite his vow of celibacy, she doesn’t know what to think. She’s torn between falling in love with the man she shouldn’t want and the man she can’t have. And she isn’t sure how she can live with herself either way.

I seriously love Lisa Desrochers' Personal Demons trilogy and I'm so excited that her next book is going to be in the New Adult genre! Doesn't it sound amazing!? Be sure to pre-order and don't forget to enter the giveaway!

The SMASH Journal 101

One question I get pretty frequently is: What is a SMASH Journal? I talk about it quite a bit on my Twitter and my Instagram (and now my blog) that I thought I should make a go-to SMASH 101 post! 

What is a SMASH* Journal?
It's described in lots of ways, but I always say it's like a scrapbook, but you can put a wider variety of things in it besides just pictures. The creators of SMASH Journal say it's like a 'junk drawer'- it holds a little bit of everything!
In the front of the book there's a little note about SMASH, I posted a picture below. (Don't mind my doodling, I colored in some of the words/ drawings!)

What is the difference between a SMASH Journal and a Scrapbook?
I always have trouble with this questions because really both books/crafts are what you make of them and want to include. I guess the difference is that in SMASH you can journal, put in random things (receipts,things from magazines, leaves, cards: really anything) while scrapbooking is more about pictures and layouts (at least the way I scrapbook).

What's on the inside? (Are all the pages blank or completely covered with design?)
There's not boring blank pages on the inside, depending on what SMASH journal you buy, there's colorful pages! Some have just simple grids/blank pages of color, others have fun quotes and pictures. It great because it definitely sets the tone for your journal and you don't have to buy scrapbooking paper because it's already in your journal!
Some pages from inside 'Retro Blue', 'Pretty Pink' and 'Doodle Red'.

Who makes it?
It' made by K&Company, however, lately there have been other companies coming out with similar journals, like Recollections (it's a binder that you have to buy pages to put in, slightly more expensive) and Snap which I think is more photo focused.

Where can you buy one?
Really just about any craft store. Where I've gotten my journals and goodies were from Micheal's, JoAnn's and Archivers. You also can by them on Amazon or on K&Company's website.

Are there different types of SMASH Journals? How many?
A ton! Every season (or every-other season) they come out with a new line.) Like in March/April they came out with their Spring/Summer Line: it has bright colors and completely different themes.

The most common is the medium size (about the size of a piece of paper). It comes in all different colors, themes and patterns.

There is a large one that comes in different colors, but not as many as the medium size journal.

Recently K&Company released smaller journals. They are both smaller in size and page number, but it's a great travel size. They also come in 3-D! They have different themes, but I think only two or three.
They also come in kits- a SMASH Journal with some goodies!

Are there different themes/colors?
All SMASH journals are a light-cardboard brown, but there is color on the binding and a little on the front and pen holder. They also have different indented designs in the front and the different colors all contain different themes (for the pages on the inside).

Like I have one that's 'Retro Blue'. The outside biding is light blue, with a circular/flower indented design. On the inside the pages all have a reoccurring theme (whether it's colors or images that go together). In my journal it's a Retro/springtime feel.

They also have themes for special occasions, like Weddings, Babies, Vacation and probably more!

Since the pages have designs on them, is there still room for you to SMASH?
Yes! Not all the pages are completely cover with images, some are just a color with a light pattern in the background.

Also, if you don't like an image, you can always cover it with a collage or just a photo.

Are there SMASH Journal's for guys?
Absolutely! Here's the one's for guys that I'd recommend, but if you look at the name of the journal, it gives you a pretty good idea what's inside. They do a pretty good job of making most of the journals gender neutral. Honestly though, there's nothing wrong with getting a guy a purple or pink one in my opinion!

But here's some of my recommendations for guy-ish ones:
'Eco Green' or  'Simple Orange' or 'Mod Black' or 'Doodle Red' or 'International' (Yellow) or 'Smart' (Blue) or 'Tasty' (Green)

How much does it cost?
One of the many things I love about SMASH is how affordable it is. The average price for a regular SMASH journal (the most common, medium size one) is around $12. It includes the journal and a pen/glue stick combination. Since the journal already has fun pages on the inside I think it's a really reasonable price. Also, JoAnn's and Micheal's store have sales on the SMASH products a lot (or you can download the Micheal's app and get a 40-50% off coupon every week) so then your journal is even less money.

I believe the Mini and 3D SMASH journals go for around $8 dollars and the big SMASH journals go for right around $20.

Do you need to buy anything else other than the journal? (supplies/pages/etc)
Nope! That's the great thing about these journals, all you need is the stuff you want to 'smash' in there, a pen and glue (which come with the journal!)

SMASH does have fun little goodies to put in your journal: journaling prompt cards, stickers, envelopes, tabs, arrows, chipboard, random doodles, stamps and so much more. These prices are also really great, I think the average price for these items (they come in packs of different designs/and a pretty big amount) is around $2-$8. You get a lot of stuff in the packages too, like these little tabs I have from them that I bought a couple years ago, I still have half of them left, it's wonderful!

Which themes/colors do you have?
'Pretty Pink' (This is my completely finished one!)
'Retro Blue' (The one I'm working on now)
'Doodle Red' (My very first one I got years ago!)
'365 Folio' (It has images/pages for all the holidays/months in the year.)
'Mod Black' (Super simple, love!)
'Baby' (Oops! This was my second one, before I new there were themes. It was on clearance so I just grabbed it without looking inside. I don't have a child so I haven't used this one, haha!)

Reading over this, it almost sounds like I'm trying to 'pitch' you something, but I promise this isn't a sponsored post, I just seriously love this product! It's so simple and doesn't take a lot of time or room to do. I love that it gets my creative juices flowing and lets me journal in a unique way. I wanted to incorporate my SMASH journal in my blog (like post my pages and other things) and wanted you all to know exactly what it is I'm talking about.

I'll be posting pages from my journals in photos and videos on the blog soon. 
I'll be starting Smashing Saturday next week and would love to have you join in! I'll have all the information up this coming Saturday. It'll be a place where we can link up our posts for our SMASH pages from the week, give ideas and everything SMASH! 

If I missed anything or if you have any questions feel free to ask me! 

Call Me Crazy: The Next Chapter

I can't even tell you home many times I've looked at the empty Blogger text box over the past few months trying to figure out how to introduce this new idea I have for Call Me Crazy. For a while, I'm not even going to lie, I thought about stopping blogging. I'm just not able to read as much as a used to and my time is being spent doing other things- fun things!

After a lot of thought, I came to the simple conclusion: (that I really knew all along) I love blogging. I do. I love that I can come on here and write about the books I've been obsessing over. I love the lovely people I've met through blogging, who've over the past few years helped me get through some troubling times. I find so much joy in blogging and this community that I could never truly let it go.

So then I started thinking about ways to blog more and blog about other things I love besides books. I thought about starting another blog that would focus on personal stuff, photography, arts/crafts and a little bit of everything. I was worried that I'd let Call Me Crazy kind of fall between the cracks and I just don't want that to happen.

Someone pointed out to me that this blog has kind of always been a personal blog. I love books- reading is a magical experience that's different for each person and I tell you what I personally think of what I read. I've also mentioned aspects of my personal life, the music I love and some things I do with my free time over the years.

By now you're probably wondering where the heck I'm going with this post, I know it's long and wordy, but there is a point! I've discussed this with pretty much everyone in my life ('real' life and my blogging family) and I love that I have there support.

As of now, Call Me Crazy will be a blog of whatever is going on in my life. Books-art-photography-DIYs-sewing-writing and more. To be upfront with you all, I'm super scared about how my readers will take this news. I know I've gained my audience based on my blog's main focus being books, so I'm worried I'll lose some people or let them down. Which is mostly what I've been struggling with for the past month.

But then I got to thinking: I haven't blogged at all over the past few months. If I'm worried that changing some of my blog's subject matter will let people down- what about the fact that my blog has been empty? Of course I'm trying to keep in mind that I blog for me, that it's therapeutic and I just find so much joy in blogging. Yet at the same time I don't want to completely dismiss all of you by changing topics.

I guess what I'm trying to say is I really appreciate everyone how has read or will read my blog and I hope you continue to find interesting context in my future posts- even if they are a bit off the 'book blogging' topic. I understand if you want to bow out, that's fine. I still am so grateful that you have given this little blog a chance over the past (almost) four years, thank you! For those of you who are sticking around- a huge thank you to you for giving Call Me Crazy a chance to be something more. 

I'm really excited about the future of this blog. I've made a schedule so I can sit down and write a little bit every day. I know in the past I've promised that I'll blog every day and then when I missed a day I'd feel extremely guilty then not blog for a month- so now I'm going to say that I'm going to try my absolute hardest to get awesome context out there, to have interesting things to read/look at. It'll be a variety of posts (books will still be in the mix- how could I not include one of the loves of my life in my blog?)

So here's to a new chapter at Call Me Crazy. Bringing written blog posts, video blogs, do-it-yourself projects, photos, music, books and seriously so much more. I'm so excited to be started this totally awesome journey with you! 

Questions or comments? 
Feel free to contact me here-
Tweet me: @callmecrazy04
Or email: callmecrazyreviews(at)rocketmail(dot)com

Thank you,