This Week

I think we've all had a difficult week with all the events that recently occurred. My heart goes out to Boston, Texas and those in the Midwest who were affected by the flooding. I hope next week will be more low key and safe for everyone.

While trying to keep up with all the news in Boston, I came across some really inspiring broadcasts and even a YouTube video. I'll embed them below...

Stephen Colbert talking about Boston.

John Green discussing equality and reminds us to always look for the helpers.

My mom finally got home early yesterday morning after being stuck at work for more than twenty four hours due to the flooding and is still on-call since she works with water treatment (and there's a ton of water everywhere.) With all the rain we had a bit of trouble with electricity and internet connection, but I believe that problem has been resolved. Thankfully, there's no water in our basement, but part of our downtown area is completely flooded, but compared to the surrounding areas, our town's issues aren't nearly as bad. 

I hope you and your loved ones are safe and have time to spend together this weekend. You're all in my thoughts. 

*Regular posting will continue on Monday. 


  1. Glad your mom is finally home, and great video choices

  2. It's been a bad week.
    So glad you're mama is ok.

    Side note (unrelated to the post): I love love love your new header. It's GORGEOUS!

    1. Thanks Juju :)

      Aw thank you SO much! That means a lot! SO happy you love it! <3