Guest Post: A Glamorous Day in the Life of Author Bethany Wiggins

I'd like to say that a day in the life of an author is glamorous--sleeping in late, book signings, fancy clothes, fan art, lavish hotel suites and book tours--but for me, that isn't the case. For me life is, well, mundane.

Early mornings? Check.

Getting everyone but me dressed before we rush out the door? Check. (Please don't let me get a flat tire on the way to school since I'm wearing slippers and a fuzzy pink housecoat!)

School carpool? Check.

Oh, crap, did I forget to wash my face last night? Is that mascara smeared under my eyes or am I just that tired? Check.

House cleaning in a fluffy pink housecoat? Check.

Cooking? Check.

School car pool again? Check. (At least I am not wearing the housecoat this time.)

Laundry? Check check check check! (And where's that housecoat? It's cold in here!)

Dinner? Check. (Oh no, husband's almost home--run upstairs, ditch the housecoat and put something cute on. And lipstick! Did I forget to brush my hair today? *brushing furiously*

I have four kids, three cats, one dog and a husband who drives a semi. For me, the average day starts at 7 a.m. I feed the cats, the dog, the kids, and if I am lucky, myself. I cook a lot. I clean a lot (but not as much as I should), sometimes I wear my pajamas all day and tell visitors I'm wearing yoga clothes. I tackle mountains of laundry!

When evening comes, the kids do their chores and then get to bed by eight p.m. And that is when I take off my "mom" hat and put on my "writer" hat. I sit at my computer and try to put words down on the computer screen. If the words are flowing, I stay up way too late. If they're not, I stay up way WAY too late trying to meet my writing goals. And then, when everyone else has been asleep for hours, my head finds my pillow, I put my ice cube feet on my sleeping husband, and get some much needed sleep.


Thanks for the awesome 'Day in the Life' post, Bethany!

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