After we got all that rain, everything is such a bright green. 
The grass, the new buds on the trees...

Spring has brought many little critters to take up home in our yard. 
In the back we have three birds' nests (One in the gutter), 
in our front trees we have three too 
and in our Christmas wreath there's a Robin's nest. 
(Just about as we were about to take it down we realized a Mama bird beat us to it, so the Christmas wreath on the light will be up all Summer, haha!)

She has two little birdies in the nest and boy do they like to chirp!
Our living room is right by the door with the wreath on the light so we hear them all day. 
Definitely can't complain, it's such a sweet reminder of how beautiful nature can be. 


It's eighty-five degrees out today! 
It's like we skipped Spring and just went full force into Summer.
Luckily, I decided to mow the lawn this weekend when it was a bit cooler out. 
I hate mowing the lawn,
with a firer-ry burning passion hate. 

nothing much has been going on here other than lots of green, birdies, mowing the lawn and Max getting his hair cut! 
Last week was a bit rough, but I'm planning on working extra hard to make this week better. 
Which will include posts on the blog! Yay! 

I hope it's sunny where you are!


  1. What awesome pictures. Especially the little birds!

    1. Thanks Juju!
      They've grown so much over the past month, they can fly now! :)

  2. It is LOVELY here in California! It's definitely starting to get hot though. I keep making the mistake of thinking it's chilly enough to wear jeans, and then I regret it as soon as I step outside my door to leave for work. :P

    Thanks for sharing all these awesome pictures Katie! Especially the one of the baby birds. SO CUTE! :D

    Julia @ That Hapa Chick

    1. Happy to hear it's lovely in California! It's getting a little hot here too, Spring is leaving too quickly lol!
      Thanks Julia! :)