Author Guest Post: Top 5 Tools for Writing (Nancy J. Cavanaugh)

Top 5 Tools for Writing 
Nancy shares what writing tools she can’t be without.

1. Pencils – Yep, in this modern age of technology in which some authors write entire manuscripts on their phones, my number one writing tool is a pencil. I absolutely LOVE writing in pencil! Now, not just any pencil will do. I need REAL wood – not that simulated plastic-like wood that those yellow #2 school pencils are made of and definitely not those mechanical pencils with the thin, scratchy lead – those actually send shivers up my spine. I need REAL wood – and fun, funky colors are even better.

2. A Good Eraser – I love pencils because I love to be able to erase. “Erase” is the key here – I don’t want black streaks and smudges. I want an eraser that erases so well you’d never know I used it. Oh, and it has to be on the end of my pencil. I want to be able to flip my pencil over and use it. I don’t want to have to search for it every time I make a mistake.

3. A Super Sharp Pencil Sharpener – Electric is best, but some of the plastic handheld ones will do. The important thing here is something that will give me a super sharp point.

4. A Spiral Notebook – When I begin a new story, I jot down notes in a spiral notebook. I choose a notebook that fits who my main character will be.

5. A Computer – As old fashioned as I sound, I need my computer and couldn’t write without it. It makes all my work so much faster and easier.


Thanks for the awesome post, Nancy!

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  1. I like how she rolls. I'm a pencil girl too.

    1. I need to be a pencil girl! I think I just like pen/typing so much because my handwriting is so bad and you usually don't see a three year old writing with pen, so mine will look more 'adult' lol :)