A Sunny Sunday Morning

It was a beautiful day here
so I decided to go outside and snap a few pictures. 
My dad and Max soon joined me. (Mom stayed inside sewing!)
I was able to capture a few moments of them playing fetch. 
A.K.A. my dad crawling after the ball while Max watches.

I'm slowly converting Call Me Crazy into more than 'just a book blog'. 
I'll be doing more personal posts, videos, artsy stuff and more. 
No worries though, all of the bookish-craziness will still continue!
I'll do a more 'official' post about this change in the coming week. 

Also on a quick note:
My email accounts were hacked so if you've gotten an email from me in the past twenty four hours
please just delete it. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience, but I think I've solved the problem (hopefully!)

Yes, angsty teen Max, we are done.

Hope you all had a relaxing Sunday!


  1. Awesome! First not-book post! Also, I got one of your hacked emails, but I knew what was up :) Can't wait to see the new things you'll have on CMC . Also, I never realized how short Max was until there was a person for perspective

    1. Aw thanks, Ryan! I can't wait to start posting some new stuff!
      Sorry about the spam emails, I think it's all sorted out now :)
      haha yeah! He's just a little nugget lol! The top of his head comes up to my knee, he just thinks he's a big guy haha! :)

  2. LOL funny line design for the dog!

    1. haha thank you!
      I thought it fit with his facial expression lol

  3. I love it. What great photos! :D

    I'm so happy you're getting more than booky!