W.W.W. Wednesday (4)

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What are you currently reading?
Surprising, I've finished the past three books I read all in one sitting! I got my math homework done early so I had some serious 'laze around the house while it snows like crazy outside' time on my hands and what a better way to spend it than reading?! I'll probably start reading my next book on Wednesday (after a start my new round of homework.)

What did you recently finish?
I just finished Forever by Judy Blume and while reading it found parts that made me think that I'd already read it. Honestly, I can't remember if I have or not, and it's driving me crazy! (Review to come.) I also finished Anatomy of a Single Girl by Daria Snadowsky and I liked it better than the first book!

What do you think you'll read next?
I think I'll start Escape Theory by Margaux Froley since my stop on the blog tour is this Sunday! It looks so good! If the snow lets up soon, I'll be visiting the bookstore to get Requiem by Lauren Oliver a.k.a the last book in the Delirium trilogy! AHH! So excited to read it!


  1. Finishing books in a single sitting... go girl! I can't wait to read Requiem either!!! PS: Is the title of the 3rd Divergent book common knowledge yet?

    1. Aw thanks, Katie! Ooo me neither!! :D
      Hmm I honestly don't think it's common knowledge yet, at least when I checked on goodreads recently it just said 'Divergent 3' in place of the title :)