Find Your Next Blog Reader

For those of you who haven't heard the news, Google is getting rid of google reader. This means you'll most likely need a new way to follow your favorite blogs. 

Lately I feel like Google is just doing stuff to totally tick people off. Last year with the whole Google Friend Connect thing, now getting rid of Google Reader *sigh* 

Anyways, I decided to pick two of my favorites blog readers that I've found and let you know what I like about them. I do a bit of comparing and contrasting too so hopefully it'll help you decide for when Google Reader goes bye-bye in July. 


I really like feedly, I've been using it for a week or so and ,in my opinion, it's better than google reader. 

-When you create an account it asks if you want to connect it to your Google Plus account, if you hit yes/allow it automatically adds the blogs in your google reader to you blog feed in feedly. 

-It lets you organize the blogs you follow (like for me I do 'YA Book Blogs' 'Art Blogs' 'Personal Blogs').

-It shows the blog posts that you haven't read and also lets you mark them as 'read later'. 

-The layout is really simple, yet pretty, which I love. You can even personalize the color if you like. 

-Another thing I like about feedly is that it has awesome apps for tablets, Kindle, phones and other kinds of things. 


  Follow on Bloglovin

Bloglovin' is also really a great way to follow your google reader blogs! 

-Like feedly, it also lets you organize blogs by topic (or really anyway you want) 

-It shows how many posts you haven't read, also like feedly. 

-Your home page shows you the latest blog posts of the blogs you follow.

-It doesn't have a 'Featured bar' like feedly does (I like that it doesn't!)

I found Bloglovin' to be super easy to understand, it just has the basics of what you need, while feedly is that, plus a little. 
I'd say, if you're looking for just a simple reader that updates you on new blog posts and lets you organize blogs in categories- go for Bloglovin'. 
If you want a blog reader with a little more options and personalization- maybe pick feedly. 

I definitely recommend either of these as your new reader. I really love both of them and think they'll be a great replacement to the Google Reader (and we won't have to deal with crazy Google always changing!)

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I also added Networked Blogs and Linky to my sidebar (you can follow the right) as ways to follow Call Me Crazy. I just wanted to cover all the bases so my awesome readers can continue to be readers! Don't worry, I still have Google Friend Connect too! (Well, until Google decides to get rid of it, haha!)

What is your favorite blog reader? 
Do you have any recommendations? 


  1. This is super helpful! I was just thinking I should be shopping around for when Google reader is thrown out. Dumb Google! Thanks, Katie!

  2. Google is getting rid of Google reader? WHY GOOGLE WHY?!?!?!

    Good thing I already use Bloglovin to follow everything! I love that it's simple and it has all the functions I need without any potentially annoying excess. :)

    1. I know right?! Why must they change everything?!

      I love Bloglovin'! I was using it for a while too!
      Thanks Julia! :)

  3. I'm trying both. Neither has sold me. I tried FeedDemon today but couldn't get it to synchronize.

    1. I had trouble with FeedDemon too! I hope you'll find your perfect reader soon :) Thanks Juju!

  4. I'm secretly still shopping and using Google Reader. I have high hopes for Old Reader.