Weekly Report (2)

A day late... whoops! 

-Crewel (Crewel World 1) by Gennifer Albin
-Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry
    (I didn't finish this one, I had around 75 pages left and I just couldn't take it anymore. I hated how mental illness was handled and how the words 'cutter' and 'crazy were thrown around. Also, what's with the whole "in" thing? I wasn't really present in high school, but seriously it just annoyed me.)

-The Shawshank Redemption (LOVED!)
-The Break-Up 
-The Strange Love of Martha Ivers

-Hello World by The Maine
-Live and Let Go by All Time Low


We haven't had much snow this year, at least none that's stuck to the ground. This week we had the most beautiful snow globe-type snow. I must say, I love the view from my bedroom window :) 


  1. Aww, I'm sorry that you didn't like PTL, Katie. I personally loved it, but everyone is different. Crewel looks really good, though! (But I haven't seen any of those movies! o_O)

    I hope that you had an amazing week, Katie! (:

  2. Snow globe snow! What a great expression.

  3. Ah! The snow is so pretty!! :D