Review: Crewel by Gennifer Albin

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Published: October 16, 2012
Series: Crewel World #1
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Crewel (Crewel World, #1)

   Enter a tangled world of secrets and intrigue where a girl is in charge of other’s destinies, but not her own.
   Sixteen-year-old Adelice Lewys has always been special. When her parents discover her gift—the ability to weave the very fabric of reality—they train her to hide it. For good reason, they don’t want her to become a Spinster — one of the elite, beautiful, and deadly women who determine what people eat, where they live, how many children they have, and even when they die.
   Thrust into the opulent Western Coventry, Adelice will be tried, tested and tempted as she navigates the deadly politics at play behind its walls. Now caught in a web of lies and forbidden romance, she must unravel the sinister truth behind her own unspeakable power. Her world is hanging by a thread, and Adelice, alone, can decide to save it — or destroy it.
The first time I saw this book at my old bookstore I didn't buy it, but I couldn't get it out of my head! The cover is just so gorgeous and I loved the idea of being able to weave time. The next time I was at the bookstore I immediately picked it up and I'm so happy I did, it was amazing!

Adelice was a great main character that was taught not to weave by her parents. In a society that worships Spinsters (special people who are able to weave time) this was definitely considered rebellious behavior. During testing she slips and weaves perfectly so Arras (the country) recruits her to be a Spinster away from her parents and younger sister. Adelice was independent, brave and always had her family's safety in mind which made it very easy to adore her!

There were tons of supporting characters and I loved each and everyone of them! I even loved the bad guys, like ambassador Cormac Patton who has a secret plan of his own and the crazy older Spinster Maela. I adore Adelice's mentor, Enora, she was so caring, loving and brave. The love interests in the book were great too! I love that both are on two total difference sides of Adelice's world (one being against the Guild and the other for).

There was one part of the story that greatly reminded me of Lauren DeStefano's Wither and also Birthmarked by Caragh M. O'Brien. The part was how it was a dystopic society where the government/men would take people (mostly women) into the confined walls of either the city or a new husbands house or in this case a Spinster's compound. The stories are all so different with what the main characters' talents and futures are, but the settings and some of the plot similarities definitely stuck out to me. Don't get me wrong, I really loved this book and I'm definitely curious to see where the story goes next.

Amazing Quote:
"How do you close opened eyes?"

Characters: 4/5
Creativity: 4/5
Voice: 4/5
Plot: 5/5
Impact: 4/5
Overall: 5/5

My favorite part of the book was the plot and the idea that people could weave time. Albin's descriptions were spot on and made it so easy for me to picture Adelice gracefully manipulating the weave around her. I did, however, spot some parts coming very early on in the book, but it didn't take away from the awesome story line. With that crazy ending I'm just dying to get my hands on book two!! 


  1. I've this one on my bookshelf and need to read it ASAP is sounds awesome! Thanks for the review!

  2. I liked this one too. The ending certainly was a bit of a shock though!

  3. I love both of those books so the comparison makes me happy. I have been eyeing this one for a while.
    Happy reading,
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  4. I haven't read Wither...or Birthmarked...or this one, but now I think I may just have to read all three. Glad you enjoyed this one. It's sounds fab.

  5. Ooooh! This sounds pretty good. May have to add it to my list now.