My Bookstore Closed...

Not a poem or amazing words, just a little bit of thinking I let escape my head.

My bookstore closed.
I feel like it shouldn't matter,
shouldn't hurt as much as it does.
I don't know why I feel personally rejected
all because no one wanted my bookstore.
December 31, 2012.
My heart dropped,
skipped a beat.
I don't feel safe in a lot of places,
especially when those places aren't home.
It was my safe haven.
No one looked at me strangely when I held a bundle of books in my arms,
no one stared when I would jump for a book I had been waiting months for.
The books outnumbered the people.
The heroes and heroines of the pages protected me.
I was safe within the shelves.
I wish they wouldn't have taken my safety, my place.
Books are such a huge part of my life, of me.
I feel like when society rejects my bookstore, they're rejecting me.
I rarely relate to others,
books were our common ground.
They're taking that away from me.
I need the printed word, the physical pages to keep me safe.
I'm scared of a world without books.
I'm scared of the world.
I want my bookstore back.


  1. A bookstore closing is a very sad event. :( Especially if it's an indie bookstore. I live in a very small town and the nearest bookstore is a chain store 30 minutes away, but it's definitely *my* bookstore. Beautiful poem, and I hope you find a new bookstore to frequent, even if it can't fully replace the one that closed.

    People need to re-embrace the printed word and help keep our brick and mortar bookstores open!

  2. Gosh, that's awful! I suppose it's because books are so cheap on the internet. It's not quite the same as the smell and feel of a bookshop though :(

  3. I'm so sorry. I know the feeling. When I was a student, the big bookshop in the market place was my second home - it was a big chain store, but I loved it. I moved away from that town, but my sister lives near it now, and every time I see the clothes store that occupies that building now, I feel this hollow ache for all those memories and all those books that used to be there. Maybe it sounds odd - or would do to a non-reader - but it would be where I used to meet my friends, we'd mooch around the shop, buy books, then head upstairs to the coffee shop and lose ourselves in our purchases, totally ignoring each other. Yes, there are other bookshops. There are other bookshops with coffee shops inside. But I left part of my heart there.

  4. Oh man! *hugs you tight* I can't believe that just happened. T_______T *hugs you tighter* Nothing is better than books in this world. NOTHING! *hugs you even tighter*

  5. Oh noooo!
    Which one? Was it a chain?
    Are there any other local little used bookstores?

  6. Thanks so much Kat :) You're so right, people really do need to embrace the printed word!

    Thanks Sara Elizabeth :) Yeah, I think that's the problem too :(

    Hey Katie, aww that must have been difficult. I can totally relate to the "leaving a part of your heart' there, you're so right. I hope you find a bookstore that you can make new memories in :)

    Aw thanks Naj *hugs!!* <3

    Hey Juju, it was a Barnes and Noble, I live pretty near the country so it was only 30mins away, now I have to go into kind of the city to get books. Tons of people in a small area isn't my thing, haha

    Thanks Kare :)