How to Get Out of A Reading Slump


I was sitting in one of my many doctor's offices last week and while I was waiting for eternity for him to come I realized three things: 1. I forgot my book in the car 2. My iPhone wasn't getting any service and 3. they only have car magazines and those Teen ones.You know, the ones that tell you how to find you perfect shade of lip gloss to get all the boys to come into your yard. I didn't move fast enough so the old guy next to me grabbed the car on so I was stuck with reading horoscopes.

While flipping through this brilliant periodical discussing wardrobe changes to reflect the seasons and how to tell if the boy two lockers down is 'into me' I noticed how there was absolutely no mention of the advice that I really needed. Which was...

 How to Get Out of A Reading Slump

1. Reread an old favorite
     Sometimes it helps just to get into the swing of reading again. Rereading an old favorite is a for-sure way of knowing you'll love the book because, duh! you've read it before!

2. Try a shorter book
      Looking at your Books Read in 2013 list and seeing that you've only read a couple can kind of be a bit of a bummer. Try a shorter book (like under 250 pages) to boost your bookaholic-ego! You'll still be reading and it'll feel awesome to extend that Read in 2013 list!

Read more books, it's good for your soul3. Join a Read-A-Thon
      Seriously, there's a Read-A-Thon going on pretty much every month around the internet. The daily updates you have to post and the fun giveaways/ interviews/events will inspire you to keep reading!

4. Set a goal to read one chapter a night 
      This is what I've been doing lately. Being busy with school again it's hard to fit in a huge reading session but I can usually fit in a chapter before bed. It may take longer to finish a book, but hey, you're still not in a reading slump!

5. Try reading a holiday/season related book 
      Instead of trying to match the color of your socks and shirt to the seasons, try matching your reading choices! Try a book that takes place in Winter or it could be a lovey dovey book since Valentine's Day is right around the corner!

6. Join or work on your 2013 Challenges (D.A.C.; YA Contemp, etc.)
       For those of you who joined challenges (or wish to join) work on checking the books off your goal lists!

7. Read along with a book-buddy! Break the book up into sections and set a date for when you'll discuss each part before you read on
      I'm doing this right now with Ryan and it's help me incredibly! We're reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone and are discussing it every hundred or so pages. It's fun, you're getting reading done and you'll have someone to obsess about fictional characters with!

.8. Try something out of your to-be-read pile or pile that needs to be reviewed 
      Sometimes I feel like I need to read a book that I've had for a while or that I need to read a book because I'll let someone down if I don't. This just lands me not reading anything, including the old books or the books for review!

9. Read something that's been sitting on your shelf for a while
       I know I'm contradicting myself since in the last tip I said to step away from books you've had for a while, but maybe that is exactly what you need! Find one that you forgot you had or that you've been eyeing to read instead of the 'next book on your list'.

10. Take a trip to the library so you can find something totally new and get excited about reading it!
       Being surrounded by rows and rows of books will definitely inspire any bookworm to read! Grab a book that has been recently released, an old one or whatever looks good! It'll be something totally new and you won't have the guilt of buying a new book.


  1. What totally great advice. I love it. Thank you!

    I've never tried a Readathon. But I so should some day.

  2. These are great tips! Personally what I do to try to stay out of a slump is I try to mix up my genres that way I don't get bored. So if I read a dystopian/adventure/fantasy novel then the next book I choose to read will probably be a contemporary. I've found this really helps me not fall into a read slump. That and setting a monthy book goal for myself. :)

  3. I seriously need this list!! I've been in the buggest reading slump ever! Thanks Katie!!

  4. I still sing that Arthur song to myself periodically :P

  5. These tips are fantastic, especially reading with a buddy. Oh, and reading an old favourite is a sure way to get me reading again!