Happy Holidays!!

Here's some dancing reindeer to get you into the Holiday Spirit!

These three were just my favorite. Prancer reminds me of my dog's awesome dance moves, haha! Hot Rage has the rest of the dancing reindeer here.

And of course it wouldn't be the holidays without watching Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye dancing with feathered fans and butterflies in their hair while lip-syncing to the Haynes Sisters' song  in White Christmas.

Here's the full clip of it. Seriously, it's the best. You should watch it :)
I hope that you and your loved ones have a relaxing and wonderful holiday season!
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year!

(Check back for my 'Top 10 of 2012' lists coming this week!)


  1. Merry Christmas! Love the video!

  2. Omg Dasher's dance moves... just can't beat that. Happy Holidays, Katie! :)

  3. Thanks Erin! I hope you had a lovely holiday and a beautiful New Year!

    Thanks Sonia! OMG I know, Dasher is the bomb, lol! Have a wonderful and happy New Year! :)