Bookshelves Tour

I've been promising a bookshelf tour/ pictures for over a year! So now that I'm on a two week break from school I decided today would be a great day to finally show you my bookshelves! I have two six-shelf bookshelves in my room and I organize them just alphabetically by authors last name. 

You can click the pictures to make them bigger and clearer!

Bookshelf #1


 Shelf 1

Shelves 2 and 3

Shelf 4

Shelves 5 and 6

Bookshelf #2 


Shelves 1 and 2

Shelves 3 and 4

Shelves 5 and 6

Under the Bed 
(a.k.a. I need more shelves!)
The books I keep under by bed are from school throughout the years (well the ones I enjoyed), my Harry Potter hard covers, classics and some English reference books which are on the other side of my magazine holders so they're not in the pictures. Since I have carpet in my room, I didn't want the pages or covers to rip if slid, so I put some cardboard underneath them so it's kind of like a makeshift-cheap floor bookshelf, woo!

Left Side

Right Side

Bookshelf Wall 
(Far Away View)
Sorry for the weirdly dark lighting in this picture. It was a beautiful and sunny day out so my camera kept wanting to focus on the light out the window, even when the curtains were closed! Other than the books under my bed, this is a shot of my wall of books! 

From my last bookshelf tour I was asked quite a bit if I could list all of the books I had, but didn't really now how to go about doing it other than creating a super long list on my blog. Luckily, I just found out I can export my inventory that I keep on Excel onto Google Docs, so now if you'd like to get a closer look at titles or authors just click here. Since it's from my personal spreadsheet it does have my star rating, what format I have in it, if I read it and the year in which I read it in.It's in alphabetical order, just like my shelves so it should be fairly easy to find titles from shelf-to-spreadsheet. Of course you can always ask me if you have any questions! 

My mom bought me one of those small L-shaped looking bookshelves (the kind that makes it look like books are floating) but I can't decide which ones to put on there! For those of you who have a smaller bookshelf apart from your other one, what type of books do you put on it? Favorites, ARCS or just random picks? I'd love to hear from you in the comments!


  1. So pretty. I love it! And I love that they are under the bed too! :)

  2. Such pretties! I've been wanting to do some kind of bookshelf tour for a long time, but I'm not sure whether to do just pictures or a video (and whether anyone would care to watch the video).

    Hmmm... I don't have a really smaller shelf like that, but if I did I would either put very favouritess or maybe signed books on it.

  3. wow, and I thought I had a lot of books. I have a 5-shelf bookcase and I had to double shelf .. But having two bookcases, oh boy!

  4. Omg I love your room and bookshelf.

  5. Aw thanks Juju!

    Hey Ashley! You should do both! In the past I did a video and it's gotten a ton of views on youtube, but I get more views on the blog when I put just pictures. Ooo I love the signed books on the shelf idea! Thanks! :)

    Thanks Arianne!

    Aww thank you Diannosaurreads! :D

  6. Ooo I've been contemplating whether to do one of these or not, and now I'm thinking if I do, it'll probably be in pictures.

    Anyway, I love your collection! As for your question, I have two bookcases similar to yours and a mini one (a 3-shelver). The mini one I use for what I call my "coffee table" books, since I don't, you know, have an actual coffee table in my room. haha I also use the very bottom shelves of my bookcases for the ARCs I keep and boxed sets I own. I'm starting to have to double stack and even lay some books on their sides in order to fit them, so I'll be needing more shelves soon too, but I've got hardly anymore room. (I may have to steal your 'under the bed' strategy!) The life of us book addicts-it's so hard. :P

    Loved this post, Katie!

  7. i love've got a lot of books and your shelves is pretty cool you put lights on it..and its pretty obvious that you love books..


  8. I hardly see Why I Let My Hair Grow Out on anyone's shelves! Anyways, I'm probably no help at all, since I keep my books unorganized and in 4 separate places in my room, but I also have smaller wall shelves and I keep randoms on there. I have too many ARCs and too many favorites to fit. :P

  9. I love the lighting in your room... makes it look magical. I need to post some pictures of my bookcase.

    Angela's Anxious Life

  10. Your room is so pretty! I have a bookshelf wall too - I think they look awesome :D I've been thinking about doing a spreadsheet/inventory thing for all my books, but it would take me forever and I'm just too lazy, aha!

    As for the small bookshelf, you could put your TBR on it, if it fits, or the ones at the top of your TBR if it doesn't! Or just your signed/favourites :)

    Great post and happy reading!

  11. Okay - MEGA jealous. Of both your books and your beautiful shelves! I like to separate out my ARCs and TBRs, so those might be a good option for the special shelf.

  12. I love this post so much! I had a ton of fun looking at all your books! My shelf is SO crammed with books--sideways, vertically, upside down, horizontally--it's a mess!

    And you are SO organized! Man, wish I could keep my books that neat!

    And I TOTALLY adore your boookshelves and the way they're set in your room--so cute! And the lights hanging around it, eep! LOVEIT!

  13. Wow you stack them so neatly and alphabetically too!
    I had this same problem. My mum made me buy a kindle so the ceiling wouldn't cave in with the weight.

  14. Awesome shelves! I need more to. I only have one more shelf and I stash them under my nightstand too and they are just...everywhere.

    Thanks for sharing! I so want to come over and steal half the books and maybe both of your shelves. :P

  15. Oh, so pretty and I love the collection of books you got <3 Lovely!

  16. Love your bookshelves. I wish I had those.

    New GFC follower.