The F Word

No, not that "F" word I'm talking about something much worse: FINALS

This is pretty much just a quick post explaining my absence during the last two weeks. I'm finishing up my freshman year in college and am having to deal with dun dun dunnnnn finals! I've been studying my butt off so I can get a passing score on my math exam because I'm seriously not taking this dang class a third time!! *takes deep breath* Okay moving on from my complete loathing of math and how I have absolutely no chance at ever understanding it...

I've been spending most of my time with my nose in a stupid math book instead of a book I actually want to be reading. (Seriously I can't remember the last time I read, I've been reading Fever for over a month all because of these stinking finals and I had to stop at a really good part!) So not time for reading means no reviews and since I don't have time for reading I don't have time for posting and so on. 

My English portfolio is due Friday (which I actually what I should be doing now, but I wouldn't be an awesome procrastinating teen if I was actually doing what I was suppose to be doing) so anyways since my English class will be done Friday I'll have a little more time to get posts up. 

There's some really awesome stuff coming to CMC in May which I'm super excited for! I'll be hosting the Face Painting Booth in the Spring Blog Carnival (hosted by Lori at Pure Imagination) where I will be holding a contest to win two awesome books, this Friday I'm doing a guest post at part of Actin' Up With Book's "Love My Indie" and am participating in quite a few awesome blog tours this month (which some include giveaways, author giveaways and so much more!) 

I just really wanted to let you guys know I'm not blowing you off and you're all in my thoughts! I feel so horrible about not posting, but unfortunately I really do need to prepare for these finals. I can't wait until they're over and everything will go back to blog-normal! 

(You can tell I've been writing a lot for my English class this past week. This is oh so rambley and just kind of crazy! Did it even make sense? Probably not... in short, I'll be back soon.) 


  1. OMG! I have miss you! But I do know about that horrible word! Mine are in two week and I'm already stressing out! I hate finals!!! They are the worst part of college besides flunk the actual final. *sighs* At least this is my last year but it has been the worst one. I actually sat on one of my professors office and cry. Yes, literally cry. That is what stress does to you. The good news is that I'm third on my class :) Good luck with your finals! I know you can do it. Kick some math ass :)

    P.S: No, the professor did not took pity of me and left me take the exam another day, he just handed me a tissue. A tissue? thanks a lot :) Now who is rambling?

  2. I feel your pain. I just finished finals on Monday. Good luck with your math final :)

  3. OH GOODNESS! I feel you, girl! I hate, hate, hate, HATE finals! Those....GAG! I cannot....just oh man! I feel.

    Good luck on all of them though! You'll do perfectly fine! :)

  4. Good luck with your exams, Katie!

  5. OMG I'm so glad to hear you're back soon Katie :) !! I really miss your posts !! I'm hoping everything will be okay .. I loathe maths too btw !!
    Good luck darling !! =)