National Poetry Month 2012: Write a Poem on the Sidewalk

April is National Poetry Month and Call Me Crazy is celebrating!
Every Friday during the month of April I'll complete one task from's list on ways to celebrate poetry!

To kick start National Poetry Month I decided to do the task of writing a poem in chalk on the sidewalk. I chose a snippet from an Edgar Allan Poe poem and wrote it on our blacktop!

I've been pretty under the weather this week so I was debating on waiting to post this next Friday and kind of do a two-for-one, but I barely had anything up on the blog in the past couple days so didn't want to neglect you guys any longer! So this evening I went outside and did one of my four tasks to celebrate National Poetry Month 2012! 

I totally didn't think it would be so hard to write legibly in chalk, but it definitely was! This was my third attempt at getting the letters not completely blurred. In March we had such warm weather in the Midwest that I was unpleasantly surprised that it was cold out today! Yuck! I froze my butt off in the name of poetry, haha!

Want to join me? This is only one out of the thirty options gives you to celebrate so click here to check out what else you can do to spread the love of poetry!