RT Booklovers Convention 2012: Who's Going?

Are we serious right now!? I'm so beyond excited for this, I have been counting down the days! I didn't even know this existed until Shannon (Stalking the Bookshelves) asked if I was going on Twitter. I was so bummed out about not being able to go to BEA that I didn't even think that there were any book fairs that would come to Chicago. I'm literally squeeing while writing this post, I'm so stoked! Thank goodness for RT Booklovers! Woot!

-Book Fair
-Author Speed-Dating
-Interactive World and Character Building
-Author Speed-Reading
-Feeding the Fire: Workshop on Conflict and Action in YA Novels
-Tending the Inferno: Series, Stand-Alones, and Genres in YA Novels
-Teen Party!

There's going to be over FIFTY, yes flipping fifty young adult authors there! They'll be reading excerpts from their books, talking with readers in workshops and the whole speed-dating section sounds so awesome! Spending all Saturday being surrounded by books and book-lovers is going to be so incredible!

Honestly, I was shocked by how inexpensive the ticket to get in was, it's only $25! That price is if you're under twenty and it also includes one chaperon, a.k.a. my mom! We'll be staying just the night before, I mean we live close enough where we really could drive up and back in the same day, but staying in a gorgeous hotel  while also escaping all of the corn, was too go for us to pass up, haha!

For all the info on Teen Day and the RT Booklovers Conference just click here.

So who's going!? 
If you see me it'd be totally awesome if you'd say hello!


  1. Oh too cool. I wish. Take a zillion pictures, k? :)

  2. WOW that's awesome !! I'm so jeaous of you right now .. but I'm also very happy for you Katie !! 50 auhtors ?? That's beyond awesome !! I can't wait to know who will be there !! Have fun ;)

  3. I wish I could come!! I'm sure you'll have a blast!