In My Mailbox (45)

-The Earthquake Machine by Mary Pauline Lowry with awesome stickers!
-Famous for Thirty Seconds (Commercial Breaks 1) by P.G. Kain with cute bookmarks! My first Middle Grade book to review! So excited! 

-Pink by Lili Wilkinson
-The Disenchantments by Nina LaCour
-The Space Between by Brenna Yovanoff 

-Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard 

-The Hunger Games shirt
-Mockingjay pin
-Free THG poster
-Adorable Zombie key chain

I took a trip to Hot Topic yesterday and picked up some Hunger Games goodies for the premiere next week! I also found this adorable key chain, isn't he cute!?


  1. Epic key chain. That's all i have to say.


    actually, there's more. I see The Earthquake Machine everywhere!! It's like it's haunting me :)) I can't wait to hear how was it.

  2. A Mockingjay pin OMG! I need one. Badly.

    Lovely haul this week, happy reading!

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  3. WOW AWESOME HAUL Katie :) !! I love the Hunger Games swag .. the t-shirt looks gorgeous !!
    I really look forward to know what you think of Wanderlove because I really need to be convinced to pick up that one :)!!
    Happy reading my dear :)

  4. Lovely keychain and YAY HUNGER GAMES SWAG! Interesting books this week. The Earthquake Machine looks interesting. I'll keep an eye out for your review. Happy Reading!

  5. Wanderlove! I LOVE that book so so SO much :) And those Hunger Games swag is siiick. As is the zombie key chain :D Aaah and that just reminded me I have to put Pink on hold at my lib, it looks fantastic! happy reading Katie!

  6. wow. just wow. look at all of these books. have fun reading :)

  7. I've been dying to read Wanderlove! It sounds so good and I've heard nothing but great things about it! I'll have to get it soon. And all your library books are on my TBR list, so let me know what you think of them!

    Love the HG merch too- you're def. prepared for next week! haha BTW, I don't know if you're a member over at, but if you are you can get your "district id" for free (you just have to pay shipping, which is like less than $2). I thought it was cute and a nice little something for people to add to their merch collection. I bought mine right away because I'm dorky like that. haha

    Happy reading, Katie!

  8. OMG I'm like counting down til the Hunger Games movie and you've got HG swag with your loot. Sweet Haul!

    Katrina @ Kindred Dreamheart
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  9. Love those Hunger Games things! <3 So pretty :) And lots of great Swag/Books too :D Enjoy it all :)
    Love, Carina @ Carina's Books

  10. Wow, look at The Hunger Games swag!

    And I'm looking forward to Wanderlove!

    Happy reading! ;)

    Here's my IMM for the week.

  11. I adored The Disenchantments! It's probably going to be one of my favorites of the year. I also really loved Pink and Wanderlove! I hope you love all of them. :)

  12. Awesome Hunger Games stuff, I love the pin!

    Happy Reading

  13. I want to read The Space Between so bad :) I'm jealous!
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  14. Great set! I really want to read Wanderlove and The Space Between. Enjoy!
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  15. Really want to read The Disenchantments and Wanderlove, they look really good.
    The Keychain is so cute! :P

  16. I must say that that zombie keychain is the one I keep eyeing. That, and Wanderlove. I can't wait to get my hands on The Space Between too.

    Hope you enjoy your great haul! :)

    In My Mailbox

  17. DEAR BULLY was absolutely awesome, and I really want to read WANDERLOVE. Great books this week, enjoy!

  18. AHHHH THE HUNGER GAMES AHHHHHH. FIVE MORE DAYS!!! I seriously need to get some of that stuff myself.

    Also, LOVED Wanderlove!

  19. ILOVE the keychain and the hunger games merch! Also, PINK!!!! It's amazing. Drop everything and read it now please!
    Hope you enjoy all your books :D

  20. Ooooh! Looks like you got some yummy books this week!

    Thanks for sharing!

  21. Almost all of these are on my to-read list as well, so I really hope that you'll enjoy them and that I'll get around to reading them soon, too. :D

    Fictional Distraction

  22. Woo Hoo! Hunger Games is this weekend! You got a lot of good stuff! Here's mine:

  23. Wanderlove! *pets* haha... loveeee that book so much.

    Also yay for HG stuff! I haven't really bought anything (already had my Mockingjay pin from when the book merch was out), but I'll probably get some stuff if it ever goes on sale.

  24. maybe I was a reader of your blog from a distant country. Greetings. I am certainly glad to be able to visit this blog.

    WOW. here are so many recommendations of good books that I want to be read. :)

  25. I love your Mailbox. Very nice books in there. I really want to read The Disenchantments and I really want that MockingJay pin

  26. Oh my gosh! So much great swag! I am suppose to be getting Famous for Thirty Seconds too. You'll have to let me know how it is.