Top 5 Books I Can't Wait to be Released in February

-Harbinger by Sara Wilson Etienne
   February 2, 2012
      The main character, Faye, thinks she's going crazy. She just arrived at Holbrook Academy were strange things start to happen, her friends wake up in the middle of the night with red covering their hands. There's also a cute boy, but he may or may not want to kill Faye. I really can't wait to read this one, I have a feeling I'm going to L-O-V-E it!

-Born Wicked (The Cahill Witch Chronicles) by Jessica Spotswood
   February 7, 2012    
     Just everything about this book screams amazing! Sisters trying to hide the fact that they are witches because of the Brotherhood finds out they'd be in serious danger and possibly killed. It almost sounds like it'll take place in the past so I'll be excited to know the setting! I'm also meeting the author this month as part of the Breathless Reads Tour, so fun!

-Pure (Pure #1) by Julianna Baggott
   February 8, 2012
     It takes place after the Apocalypse and there just sounds like so much action and adventure is going to take place in this book! Once you reach a certain age you're required to turn yourself over to the militia and the Pures (the people who made it through the Apocalypse safely) are kept inside the Dome for protection.

-Fever (The Chemical Garden Trilogy 2) by Lauren DeStefano
   February 21, 2012
     I absolutely loved Wither and I really can't wait to see what happens next after Gabriel and Rhine ran away. I'm also pretty curious to see Linden's reaction to Rhine leaving and  just how crazy Vaughn can get.

-Pandemonium (Delirium 2) by Lauren Oliver
   February 28, 2012
     Cliffhanger! Oh my goodness it killed me at the end of the last book! I seriously am dying to get my hands on this book. At that 'Lena falls in love again line' I just freak out every time! What about Alex!? And her Mom and just ahh everything! I need this sequel!!


  1. I'm so curious about Born Wicked.

    Side note: Whoa! Look at your blog! It's so pretty! FAB job!

  2. I can't wait to read Harbinger, Fever and Pandemonium :) !! Great post ..
    I see that you've decided to join RAK this month, that's amazing Katie !! Going to check out your wishlist ;)

  3. Pure is so good! I scored an ARC, but I can't wait until the official release so I cans ee other people's reactions. Can't wait to see what you think of it if you check it out!

  4. I've got Pure and can't wait to read it! So many good books this month!

  5. Hey Juju! Me too, it sounds so unique! Aww thank you so much!! <3

    Hi Elodie! Ooo same here, they are going to be great! Yay thank you, I'll be checking yours out too! :D

    Hey Riley! Lucky, totally jealous haha!:) I'm so happy to hear you liked it!

    Hi Kare! Yes, definitely agree! Yay for Pure! :D

  6. I am so nervous to read Pandemonium. Delirium's cliffhanger about killed me and I don't know if I'll be able to handle another like that! Haha!
    So jealous that you are meeting the author of Born Wicked. It most certainly screams amazing!

  7. Oh and p.s. I love your new header. Your blog always looks so great!

  8. I'm definitely excited about Fever as well as Harbinger-the cover doesn't really work for me but I'm hoping for great things from the insides!

  9. Pandemonium!!!
    That's all I can say! haha