Cover Craziness: Changes in Book Covers & Series Designs

Lately, there's been a lot of buzz surrounding new designs for covers of our beloved books. Usually I don't mind when covers change, like The Uglies Series by Scott Westerfeld just recently changed their covers, which I thought was a really great thing mainly because I adore the new ones and the first set of series had been already released for a while. Other times a book changes its look way too many times or in the middle of a series, making it hard to collect just one set of covers.

It might just be me and my book O.C.D. but I like my books in a series to match, it looks really nice on my shelf! So here is the breakdown of my thoughts of what I think of the books' new looks.

I Like the New:

The Uglies Series by Scott Westerfeld

I still remember seeing the first book, Uglies, in my elementary school library and it honestly creeped me out. I have this thing about people's eyeballs staring at me and the first covers have a lot of that. The new covers have one eyeball, but it's robotic so that's more cool than freaky. 

I absolutely adore the new covers of The Uglies Series! Just looking at them you can tell the books are dystopians about altering the human appearance. I love the clean and original look too it and on the binding there is a shrunken picture from the cover on the side, which looks so amazing on my shelf! I'm pretty certain that these are my absolute favorite covers for an entire series! 

The Mockingbirds Series by Daisy Whitney

The black cover with the bird on it was the first cover of The Mockingbirds. After The Rivals, book two, came out The Mockingbirds paperback now resembles book two's cover's feel. I liked the first cover, but I really love the second set of covers so much more. I love the font of the title and how the photograph is almost like from an old photo booth picture strip that you'd find in a mall, too cool!

I Like the Old Better:

Curse Workers Series by Holly Black
I loved the bold feel of the first set of covers and how they looked like no other book on the young adult shelves. I have the first two books in hard cover and now when I get Black Heart it won't match my other copies, which is a major bummer for my little o.c.d self.

I like how it doesn't look like faces when you like at them from afar, but I almost wish there weren't the faces in them. Although I really adore how it's just one color against a black backdrop, it's pretty stunning. 

The Mediator Series by Meg Cabot

I'm such a huge fan of The Mediator series by Meg Cabot, but I'm not totally in love with the covers. I just really don't like cartoons on covers, photographs are much more my thing I guess. This is the fifth book in this series and I couldn't find any other covers like the second picture so I don't know if this was a one time thing or what exactly, but I do know that I loved it! It fits a scene perfectly in the book! The thing about the cartoon covers that I do like is they all match and have the same design while also having the series name easy to read. 

Just WAY too Many! 

I first started this series when I was ten and the books I had were the first cover. Then all of a sudden the covers started changing, I believe it was around Party Princess, I like the second covers very light and feminine concept, but wait because they don't last for long. Now there's a diary version of it, which is probably my least favorite.

My problem with this is that every time I start to buy books in a series to collect all the same covers, they change again! This series is coming to an end so I hope I'll be able to find all of the books with the same cover. (These are all American covers by the way, crazy right!?)

What do you guys think of all the changes in covers lately? 
Are you like me and want all of your books in a series to match? 
What other covers have changed that you like or don't like?


  1. Haha yeah I can definitely be OCD when it comes to book covers and the whole matching series cover thing. I actually like the original Uglies covers and not the new ones. A big change recently that people were all up in arms about was for Nightshade and Wolfsbane. I remember people FREAKED out about that one. Another series that changed gears was Delirium. Fortunately I have both the original and new cover so I won't have to worry about mismatched covers for that when I buy Pandemonium. :)

  2. Thanks so much for all your help!!!!

  3. I hate it when they change covers. When I learn that Holly black books where changing covers I was seriously mad. I'm a little OCD about my book myself and love the cover first covers better. Also didn't knew Pandemonium and delirium change cover. *sighs*

  4. I wish they'd have all the hardcovers match and then have a "new" look for the paperbacks--which I think would make more sense. But I'm definitely with you on wanting all of my books to match!

  5. Maybe its about time I share how I feel about the change of curse workers series covers. I dont like it when they change the covers after the release of 2 book or at all. i love this series so much and the new ones has nothing to do with the story, in my opinion. first covers was the reason why I picked up the books in the first place. but anyways, I'll be reading it and crying bec. its the last book in the series.

  6. I don't buy books, so I honestly hardly notice when covers chance. Although I would have definitely noticed the change in the Holly Black covers; I always thought the originals were so striking! On the flip side, I definitely prefer the new Mockingbirds/Rivals covers. The first one was just kind of blah, but the new ones are so hip and fun!


    For example, the new Artemis Fowl covers. Love the designs but NOW THE NEW ONES WON'T MATCH MINE DANGIT.

  8. While like Katie I rarely buy, I am a total cover hoe and always notice covers. I completely agree on the Uglies series being an improvement and Curse Workers was better before. Great post!

  9. I hate how they change them all the time. I am just like you, I want all my series to match, I get really frustrated when they change mid-way as it ruins my set.

  10. I love the new coer of the Uglies series .. I actually own a copy of the firs book but it's a UK edition so it look different :) !!
    I don't get why they changed the covers oh The White Cat series, the originals were perfectly fine to me !! Great post :)

  11. I completely agree about the Uglies covers... But I already own all the old paperbacks of the first three (I didn't really like the fourth enough to buy it), so it's a bit of a bummer.

    Another big one for me was E. Lockhart's Ruby Oliver series. I loved the first set of covers, and I own the first three books with them, but for the fourth book they completely redid all the covers. I don't think the new ones match the books at all, and now my fourth book looks odd next to all my others!

    Chloe @ YA Booklover Blog

  12. I don't get why they decide to change it half way through the series. There is always that one book that doesn't match the rest of them. I think new The Mockingbird covers look like year book pages. I like them :)