A Big CRAZY Announcement

Some of you may have noticed that the designs here at Call Me Crazy have been changing quite a bit lately. This is mainly because I hadn't really been pleased with any of my most recent layouts. So this week I decided to set aside some time to make a new blog design that I really liked and was kind of crazy. What could be crazy than a flying purple giraffe!?

It took me a while to find a background that I liked and thought would go with the colorful header, so I'm hoping that this one is looking good!

I was debating on changing my blog URL but then all my buttons and links around the web wouldn't work, so I decided to leave it. I mean I am kind of bummed it doesn't match my blog title. Just Call Me Bookworm was the original title of this blog, but then I switched it to Tales of a Teenage Bookaholic, to Heartland Reviews and then finally to Call Me Crazy which it's been for over a year and a half. I'm horrible at making decisions, can you tell?

Anyways, let's get on to the big announcement!

My 2nd blogoversary is coming up in March, so I will be having a giveaway! Woo!! There will be signed books and signed swag too! The giveaway will launch this Monday February 20th and end at midnight on Saturday March 10th! So be sure to check back Monday to see what awesome goodies you could win!

I also made some giveaway buttons so it would be awesome if you wanted to grab one from my sidebar!  

Thank you guys so much for the absolute greatest two years of blogging I could ever ask for! 


  1. Like the new header! Definitely crazy, and definitely awesome!

    Yeah, switching URLs is bothersome. If you do ever change, I suggest a couple things:
    a) Do it soon. The poblems with links only get bigger as your blog is around for longer.
    b) Get a custom domain and rid of ".blogspot.com" at the same time so you only have to change once.
    c) Look online for tips and tricks on effectively making a switch and keeping most of your link and search engine juice.

    Of course, if you decide to just leave it indefinitely, that's fine too. :)

  2. OH MY GOSH! It's GORGEOUS! I love it!!!!!!! Wicked cool and original. *high five*

    Do you think you will ever buy your url?

  3. The new look is great. I really like it :)

  4. Eeep I love the flying purple giraffe! ^^

  5. I love your new Header, so cool and colourful. love the giraffe. :D

  6. Holy smokes, Katie! You are talented. I wish I knew how to create something like this!! And your blogoversary button is SUPER cute, too. Happy 2 years :)

  7. A purple flying giraffe?? HAHAHA! I love it!!

    Congrats on the two years!!! Here's to many more! *drinks butterbeer*

  8. In addition to my earlier comments:

    I notice that both callmecrazy.blogspot and callmecrazy.com are already taken. :(

    The good news?
    I theeeeenk that if you do ever switch to a custom domain (as long as you do it through blogger!), it is super-simple and they will actually redirect everything for you! Meaning that your links will redirect to the new domain automagically. I'm not 100% sure... but from what I've read it seems veeery likely.

    The bad news?
    This only works (properly) once! So if you do switch to a new name and custom url, make sure you're 100% comfortable with having that name for keeps.

    P.S. A custom .com domain is only $10 a year. Very affordable!

  9. Love the way this header and background looks. The blue/green colored background is MUCH better than the purple one you tried. Is it okay if I put your giraffe button on my site? Mom

  10. This new design looks even more awesome than the previous ones .. :) !! I love how colourful your layouts are .. This one is both cray and gorgeous !! Great job Katie :)

  11. Congrats on your blog turning 2 by the way .. I'm definitely going to enter your giveaway and add this lovely button to my blog's sidebar ;) !!

  12. Hey Ellen! Aw thank you so much for all the info! I'll definitely be looking into that and decide soon then! I'm glad that it'll redirect, that's handy! I'd probably do something like Call Me Crazy Reviews maybe? That is very affordable, I thought it would have been much more! Thank you so much for all of your help, it means a lot! :)

    Hi Juju! AWWW thank you I'm so happy to hear you love it!! :D Hmm I really don't think I will because I don't want to lose my GFC (expect I'm not sure if I would. Google's changes are confusing me! haha!) But if I get to keep my GFC I probably will :)

    Thank you Bianca! :)

    Thanks Whimsical Willow! I thought it was pretty cute too haha!

    Thank you barmybex!

    Thanks basama aal! :D

    Aw thank you so much Katie! That means a lot :)

    haha thanks Lucia! *drinks butterbeer with you* yumm haha! :)

    Thanks Mama, I already did :)

    Aww thank you Elodie! I'm so happy that you like it! YAY thanks! :)

  13. Oh my gosh!! Two years old!! Congrats!! :D