Books I Want to Reread in 2012

- The DUFF by Kody Keplinger
     I first read this book in 2010 and fell head over heels in love with the main character Bianca. She has the absolute greatest sense of humor in the world and I love how she dealt with Wesley's sometimes 'difficult' personality. The problems both characters went through were very real and were handled in a unique way. I loved the dynamic between Wesley and Bianca, I can't wait to laugh my butt off reading this one again!

-Leaving Paradise (Leaving Paradise #1) by Simone Elkeles
     This was the first Simone Elkeles book that I read, so this is the book that started my obsession with Elkele's stories. I loved the unique star crossed lovers story and how Caleb and Maggie found a safe haven in each other even though they each negatively impacted the other's life the year before. I love how there were light moments mixed in with serious situations, such a great and meaningful read!

-Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
     Two words: St. Clair. Yeah do I have to elaborate? For those of you who haven't read Anna and the French Kiss St. Clair is the definition of perfection. He has a French name, a British accent, funny, intelligent, has a British accent, flipping gorgeous, caring, has a British accent... oh wait I said that already, well I could go on forever, but you get the point. There's also way more to this book than a hot guy though, Anna is such an awesome main character that I easily related to her and this story takes place in France, ooo la la!

-Divergent (Divergent #1) by Veronica Roth
     The main character Tris is just totally kick-butt in this book. I love the whole idea of having the world split up into different factions based on particular qualities, just so original! I loved all of the supporting characters in this book, each and every one of them had their one unique personality that was just perfect...Four was also a very nice addition to the characters as well!

-Willow by Julia Hoban
     I first read this book from my library in 2010 and still think about it some days. I bought it this summer and still haven't gotten around to reading it again, so this year I definitely want to. I loved the main character, Willow. She was going through such a hard time and had a serious problem, but Hoban didn't make her out to be some monster, Willow was just a normal girl with some issues, which was amazing. I was going through a lot of the same problems that the main character was at the time I read this, so it helped me understand that I wasn't alone.

-Wake Unto Me by Lisa Cach
     This book was full of mystery that you found out the answers to at the end of the book.I wonder if now, since I know the answers, I can pick out the signs throughout the book. Then I can do the whole 'oh my goodness how did I not see that coming, come on!' thing when I'm reading and understand character's choices earlier on. I also loved Cach's writing and just how the overall plot was full of history, paranormal aspects and just pure awesomeness. I NEED a sequel!

-The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games #1) by Suzanne Collins
     For those of you who follow me on Twitter you might already know my feelings on this book being created into a movie, I don't like it! Nothing against the cast or anything like that, but one of the main things that made me love this book so much was Collin's incredible writing. I literally felt like I was in the Games with Katniss fighting for my life by her side. It feels like I've already seen the movie because of the killer descriptions. This movie comes out on my nineteenth birthday and I already told my friend I didn't want to see it, but she's persistent (*cough*stubborn*cough*) and I know I'll end up seeing it, so I want to reread it before my thoughts of it get tarnished.

-Delirium (Delirium #1) by Lauren Oliver
     This was one of the first books I read that literally took my breath away. I still get chills when I see quotes on goodreads (especially from that end inner dialog from Lena, just holy cow). I love dystopians, but this book takes my love for this part of the YA genre to a whole completely different level. Lena, Hannah, Alex, Lena's mom and really all of the characters play such a crucial role in the story, I am completely in love with this book.

-Personal Demons Trilogy by Lisa Desrochers
     Now that I have all the books in the Personal Demons trilogy I really want to have an entire weekend set aside to read the series. Lisa's writing is just totally incredible and she's the absolute master at the perfect 'teen voice' in books. All of the characters in these books are so awesome and not to mention that two of them are freaking smoking hot! I love how Frannie is stubborn, fiercely caring and can kick total butt whenever needed. She's definitely my favorite main character! Also, Original Sin with all of the 'OMG did that just happen' moments throughout the book will be super fun to read again!


  1. Sooo many good books on this list! I wish I had time to re-read some of these. *sigh* Willow :)

  2. Oooh, there are so many great books here! I loved Anna and the French Kiss (duh), along with Divergent and Willow. And I still really want to read The Duff! I almost NEVER re-read books, but I made an exception for The Hunger Games a few years ago. Nothing will ever compare to that book for me, and I just wanted to live it all over again :)

  3. So many great books! I loved Anna and the French Kiss, Divergent and the Hunger Games. I don't re-read books, but I can see why you'd want to reread those! I'm desperate to read The Duff - it looks so good! Great choices!

  4. I loved Anna and the French Kiss (OMG St Clair), Divergent and Delirium so I'll definitely reread them if I can in 2012 !!

    You're reading The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer ... YAY !! Noah Shaw <3 !!
    Happy reading dear ;)

  5. Divergent, The Hunger Games, and Delirium are on my re-read list of this year. I am dying to read them again. Loved them so soo much.

  6. There's a lot of books on this list that I haven't read yet. I am dying to read Divergent and Wake unto Me, especially! Anna and The French Kiss and The Duff were so good! I would like to reread them in 2012, too!