College Blogging

Hey Guys!
I miss all of you bunches!
I'm finally getting the hang of this college thing so I'll be back soon! I know I said I'd be back no later than September, but I didn't have anytime to read which obviously affects the content of the blog. Luckily I seem to be getting a pretty consistent schedule that is filled with quite a bit of reading and soon to be blogging so prepared to get Crazy again!
Thank you guys so much for sticking around, it means the world to me :)


  1. It shall be great to have you back again Katie :)

  2. Glad to hear you'll be back soon. I also have been MIA thanks to college. I haven't finished a book in three weeks and I hate that I haven't posted any new content on the blog since starting school. This quarter is so much busier with my classes and my new job on campus, plus spending time with my boyfriend and my friends. Oh well, I guess it's better for the blog to suffer rather than my grades. I just wish I could find a balance between the two. Hope college is going well and I miss talking to you on Twitter! :)