Rambling Update

I haven't been around the blog a lot for the past month or so and I'm very sorry for that. Thank you guys so much for sticking around during all of my absences. This craziness is (hopefully) coming to an end soon, but it will get worse before it gets better. Since this is a book blog and not a personal blog I'd like to leave my reason for being gone private, at least for now.

I'll still be around, checking my twitter and email throughout the week so feel free to contact me if needed.

Twitter: @CallMeCrazy04
Email: callmecrazyreviews(at)hotmail(dot)com

I may be back in a couple days or two weeks, I'm honestly just not sure. My goal is to get back on my blogging feet no later than September.

Thank you guys so much and I hope you decide to stick around. I'll miss you all and can't wait until I'm back!


  1. You're going to reach 800 followers! =O
    I hope everything is fine. =))

  2. Hope everything is okay! And we'll be here waiting whenever you can get back :)

  3. I hope that everything works out for you. Taking a break from your blog, for whatever reason is never a bad thing. I'm sure your readers will be waiting for you whenever your return.

  4. I will definitely always be here!
    Take as much time as you need and I look forward to your posts.

  5. We love ya! hope everything is okay :)

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