In My Mailbox Vlog (26)

Hosted by Kristi from The Story Siren.

-Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen
-Like Mandarin by Kirsten Hubbard

-Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma
Thank you goodreads!



  1. OMG I read Forbidden two weeks ago .. and I cried so much !! Such a moving story !!
    I'm so jealous : I haven't received my copy of CoFA yet (can't wait to !!)
    Happy reading Katie ;)

  2. Great In My Mailbox, Katie!!! :D I'm glad I popped over here to watch this. You're so funny! :D

    Drop me an email sometime.

    -Happy Reading and enjoy COFA!

  3. Awesome week!
    It's crazy cause I heard of Forbidden a few weeks ago and I thought it sounded a bit too weird for me. But I looked at reviews and saw people LOVED it and now I'm very excited to give it a try. And you just convinced me that I REALLY have to read it!

  4. You are just adorable. Seeing you gush over COFA reminds me why I love the book so much, and how I need it right now arghhh!!! Forbidden was amazing :)

  5. Wow, you did do well when you haven't brought many for a while.
    You always get such amazing books =)
    Enjoy them Katie!

  6. I got City of Fallen Angels, too! (Didn't everyone?) But I'm so excited! Congrats on winning Forbidden-- I entered to win that one. Anyway, happy reading! :)

  7. Just purchased The City of Bones, cant wait to see what happens!:D
    great books and I hope you like them(:

  8. Your excited babblings are hilarious. 'I thought this was out in like, April or something... wait...'

    In My Mailbox

  9. -Hi Jessi! Oo I'm so excited to read it! lol :)
    -Hey Elodie! OMG isn't it just flat out amazingly perfect! Aw I hope you get CoFA soon, I can't wait for you to read it either!
    -Thanks Akasha!
    -Hey Candace! Ooo you'll just love it, for sure! It's crazy unique and so raw!
    -Hi BlueIceGal! Aww thank you! You're so sweet! <3
    -Hey Books for Company! Thank you! I was doing so good, but oh the temptation of book buying! lol
    -Hi Kat! Haha I know right!? How could anyone not get CoFA! Thanks :)
    -Hi Lisa! I can't wait for you to read it either, be ready so completely swoon over Jace! :D

  10. I didn't watch your vlog, so I'm not sure what you said about it, but I just bought Forbidden! Well it's getting mailed to me...I can't wait to read it!

  11. Awesome books! I'm nearly done with CoFA and it is frikkin' good. And I lovelovelove Sarah Dessen! Along For The Ride is awesome! YOu'll love Eli :D
    Happy reading!

  12. Another CoFA that I found in IMM. Great. I am waiting for your thought about the books.

    Three of books that you show to us are new for me. I'll come back here soon.

    It's All About Books

  13. Great book haul! Love the Vlog!

  14. Tweak is fabulous is a gutwrenchingly real way. I'm starting COFA this weekend because I know I won't be able to put it down! Happy reading!