Hex: A Witch & Angel Tale by Ramona Wray Blog Tour

Top Five Reasons 
Why Everyone Needs to Read Hex: A Witch & Angel Tale by Ramona Wray!

1. Lily is a kick butt character that you can't help but completely adore! She's sassy, laugh-out-loud hilarious and fiercely loving. Like many of us can relate to, Lily is known as a "freak" at her high school and learns to embrace her total uniqueness. It's so easy to put yourself in her shoes. Lily is definitely one of my all time favorite leading female characters.

2. Ryder, -drool- mysterious, brooding and oh so hot Ryder. What's better than a boy wearing jeans, t-shirt and leather jacket? Nothing! And don't forget about his bad boy motorcycle and protectiveness of Lily to make him even that much more irresistible.

3. Lucian. Need I really say more?! He's drop dead gorgeous with his beautiful blond hair and ice blue eyes. He's also got that overly confident attitude, but with a little uncertainty that makes him totally swoon worthy. Witty, protective and loving, what more could a girl ask for?

4. If you don't read Hex: A Witch and Angel Tale how in the world are you ever going to see all of J's stylish (sometimes totally out there) outfits she wears to school?! You'll never know what themes she'll decide to wear that week and hey, maybe you can pick up some sassy and sophisticated tips from her too!

5. Seriously, what's better than reading a book chopped full of mystery, love, and hot boys? I'd have to say absolutely, positively nothing! All the characters are so easy to relate to and you'll have an awesome time going on this crazy journey with Lily and her knights in shining armor.

Crazy Katie
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  1. You've definitely convinced me! Putting this one on my wishlist :)

  2. I'm definitely going to read this now, how could I not! :L Great post :)

  3. Aw, curse you Photobucket! (I've got a few images that aren't showing up, too.) The cover of Hex is so cute-- I'm definitely going to be checking it out. :)

  4. I think I do not need those reasons above. I want to read this book. I think I Should have ordered the book.

  5. Hi YA Vampire Books! I'm so glad I convinced you to read this one, I know you'll love it!
    You're so welcome Ramona! I'm so happy I was part of the Blog Tour! :)
    Thanks Bella! I hope you love it!
    Hey Kat! Yes definitely! I'm so annoyed with photobucket anymore! Yay! You'll just adore Hex!
    Hi Aleetha! Yes you should order this book, it rocks! :)

  6. I loved this book! If you see my copy you will notice little stickers coming out of it. I have marked so many favourite scenes.lol

  7. I hadn't heard of this book before now, but after reading those reasons, I'm definitely going to have to read it! Thanks :)