A Crazy Update

Last week I really didn't do any posts and that was mainly because of schoolwork and my poor puppy not being able to kick his paw infection! (He's limping now, the vet just gave us cream. Lady it is not working!! -end of rant-)
Now that I've kicked Beowulf in his warrior patootie and now know that one quality of being a good citizen is picking gum up off the sidewalk (seriously, that's what the textbook said. So instead of helping an old lady cross the street, I'll be too busy chipping off dried gum from the street. Thanks Social Civics!) I'm back, baby!

You might have noticed that I had stopped doing some memes for a while. This was after I had read a blogger's post that they disliked memes and thought they were a cop out for a post. So being me and wanting to please everyone I stopped doing them. Then I realized that just because one person doesn't enjoy them, doesn't mean everyone feels that way. And heck, I adore a lot of them so they are back!

I have a meme in the works so be sure keep an eye out for it making an appearance soon! It has to deal with, none other, than swoon worthy book boys! Yum!

Daily Dose (Good Golly Miss Holly)
Daily Dose of Music (Alice from The Reader Room)
Daily Dose was the very first meme I joined back when Call Me Crazy first started. I mean what is a better way to start off your week than with inspirational photos and fun music?! Yes, it's not necessarily book related but books, like pictures, always help my week (and hopefully yours) start out totally wonderful!

Tuesday & Thursday:
Earlier this year I was having trouble fitting in reading and schoolwork, but thankfully I have figured out how to manage my time to include both. (Thank you home schooling!) So be expecting reviews being posted much more frequently than they were before.

Katie's Ramblings
Okay, so this isn't the "official" name of anything. I've done some totally random posts in the past and have got positive feedback from it, which totally made me smile! So I'll post the ramblings that are inhabiting my mind on Wednesdays. (This won't be around every week, at least once a month.)

Follow Friday & Blog Hop
I miss doing this meme! I've met so many of my awesome blogger friends through the Hop/Follow Friday that I'm definitely going to be joining in on the fun again.

In My Mailbox
I'll have a video posted every week, unless for some Zombie Apocalyptic reason I didn't buy any books.

No post.



  1. Katie I missed you :D I am glad you are back!!!

  2. haha. I say it';s your blog do whatever you want :D

    I love those memes too (although I am mostly to lazy to do memes.

    I agree about loving GGMH's meme at the beginning of the week.

    as long as you still do your vlogs. God, I love them. best vlogger around I reckon!

  3. I'm so glad you're back and I'm one of those persons who love memes =)

  4. l hope your poor puppy gets better =(

  5. However I don't take apart, I always enjoy your Daily Dose. I like looking at those pictures. Most of them are lovely.